Discretion being the better part of valour… Session 21 foreshortened….

… I’m back home after session 21 already … it’s 8:25am now and I’ve been soaking in the bath for a good hour … so only actually fished for about an hour and a half really.

I learnt a lesson I should have already known really – never expect a weather forecast made a few days ago to be right! Check the latest one, or at least check what is expected within 24 hours of going. And I didn’t do that did I? :(

As I was leaving the house at 4:30am misty rain drops appeared on the car’s windscreen but nothing of note and soon cleared enroute to the canal but then restarted and stopped… and restarted, etc. But nothing too bad it seemed.

Anyway, got there, walked to the selected swim, baited up and started fishing… and in the next hour and a half there were a couple of heavier showers (and I’d no brolly with me)… but more damaging was the increasing cool breeze that was channeling along the canal coupled with that sort of dampness in the air that gets straight through the clothing, no matter how well waterproofed, etc,  to the skin and starts to chill. Anyway, by 7:00am I’d caught the shivers and a short walk along the canal did nothing to improve that…. and the sky for miles was just a non-stop sheet of misty grey and it was obvious that nothing was to improve climate wise for hours anyway. Also, in the hour and a half, I fished cockle and prawn baits – and had had only one tiny pluck on a cockle so the motivating action needed for the encountered conditions was missing from the session too.  So, deciding I’d rather not risk pneumonia, I headed home….

So, later today I will be sorting out my baits that I’ve come back home with today, and also sorting my tackle out for my intended 22nd session on Friday at my club’s tench pool.

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