OK – NOW …. I’m Ready For Summer….

Fishing jacket now dyed back to a dark green from the rather faded pale green of the past 12 months or so…. BUT more importantly, said jacket PLUS my camo trousers, 4 camo T-shirts, a camo hoodie and my camo bush hat have all been newly waterproofed with NixWax! So,come on down, summer, and throw all you’ve got at me!!! :D

Other than that the plans for next week are – well, that’s if I survive tomorrow’s activity – we’re off to Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey for the day courtesy of the Sun newspaper and their free tickets, and will be going on as many hair-raising, heart-stopping rides as we possibly can and it will actually, be good practice for when we go to Alton Towers on the 15th June!!. Anyway, back to plans for next week… out with Liz to a yet-to-be decided destination on Monday, probably do my usual 4am foray to the canal on Tuesday, and hopefully get a session in on Thursday or Friday (where to unknown, with Liz or not is also unknown as it will depend on her work schedule and other plans)…

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