Session 19 – Some Success At Last!!

Was up at 4:00am – on the road at 4:30am – and on the side of the Staffie tackled up and fishing by 5:15am despite a long’ish brisk walk from car to swim. Fished until around 10:15am and boats were starting to move – around 4 or 5 boats passed through between 9:00am and my finish – but I was still getting bite a cast although all were gudgeon when I hooked and landed a fish.

A beautiful morning – squirrels clambering in the trees, birds singing and on walk back there was a heron on the far bank opposite which allowed me to put down bags, get camera in case out, get camera out of case, switch on camera and point at said creature before it flew off before I could press the button! Grrrrrr!!!! :D

Anyway, as said in previous post I fished on the quivertip as intended but only used the Des Taylor Avon rod with size 12 hook, later changed down to a 16. I fished two swims  – 1 on far bank to my right and one on far bank to my left. Initially fed a couple of tennis balls of groundbait laced with maggot, maize and hemp into the right hand swim and regularly catapulted a few maggots into each swim at about 15 min intervals plus a few prawns thrown out too.

Had bites virtually every cast and first capture was a healthy gudgeon with attitude – and he was the first of 14 of his kind over the morning all on maggot on size 12 or 16 hooks. Also among the morning’s gatherings were 3 chub (1oz, 3-4oz and 2lb 2oz), the smaller two on maggot on size 12 and the larger on prawn on size 12 – and a perch of approx 6oz taken on a size 12 baited with a brandling/maggot cocktail.

On walk back to the car besides the deviant heron I also spotted a couple of 4oz chub playing just under the surface in centre of the canal.

Arrived back at the car park to find a good half dozen or more cars there – but not one of those people had come in my direction and I could see them all lined up along the bank in the ‘usual’ area – fine by me – long may it remain like that! :)

Anyway, that’s my fishing over now for this week – have things to do – including a day at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey on Thursday and a mate’s birthday drinks on Saturday night in Birmingham. Next trip out looks like a day out with Liz next Monday, probably to one of the club pools.

Pictures from Session 19:

100_1783 100_1781 100_1782

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