Tenching With The Wench…

Friday of last week, Liz and I headed out to our club’s tench pool for my session 18.

Weather forecast had been good – and would have been good weather if the rather brisk and quite cool breeze had been at least a little less.

Anyway, we arrived poolside at around 8:00am and were wetting our lines around 30 minutes later. Tactic for the day was mainly the great old tench method of ‘laying-on’  – a lovely technique and there’s little in the world to compete with the sight of the float lifting slowly from the water, slowly sliding along and then diving under to get the adrenaline going! However, not much adrenaline flowed this day :(. Baits were maggot, small cubes of meat and sweetcorn. And we fished until around 3:30pm. I did try traditional float fishing with slow sinking baits on the latter part of the day but still without much result.

Liz and I both had a few small nudges and lifts throughout the day but nothing of note and nothing was connected with on striking. Fish seemed to take bait and drop immediately… Another angler who came a bit later in the morning was fishing on the pole about 3-4 swims away from us and he managed 3 tench and a bream but we don’t know if they were of any size – but he did say the bites were finicky, being barely a tremble of his bristle tipped floats and that post mid-day he had not had a touch at all.

So unfortunately we departed the water fishless…

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