Session 19 Plans – Early Morning Canal…

Weather good and warm with little breeze … and overnight temps staying at 10C … seem good conditions for my planned foray on the canal tomorrow leaving home at 4:30am hopefully to be actually fishing by 5:15-5:30am. Probably fish until around 9am, possibly 10am dependant on the boat traffic and results.

I discovered on my last canal visit a bit of canal covered by my card that wasn’t shown on the maps, etc and when I had a walk to look at this stretch there was non-one else there despite a dozen or so just turned up to fish the known section! I also discovered a superb looking swim in the section too! So I’m heading there – a bit of a walk but could be well worth it! :)

Actually, to give a clue, the section is covered in Des Taylor’s  ‘Fishing In The West Midlands’ book! :)

Right, so I’m planning on quivertip fishing – taking a Des Taylor System 3 11′ Avon rod with the quivertip sections fitted and also a Syntra 10′ feeder rod with the quivertip sections fitted also. Both rods will have 6lb Berkeley Trilene mono mainlines and 8lb braid hooklengths to barbless hooks – the DT Avon having a size 12 and the Syntra rod a size 6. Leads in use will probably be 1/4oz maximum unless the need arises to increase for any reason. Rods will be used one at a time – and interchanged to accomodate the bait size in use at the time.

I will be baiting up with a few small balls of groundbait with dead maggot, hemp and maize additions on arrival and will be firing out, via catapult,  toppings up of  maggot and maize from time to time with occasional prawn and small cheesepaste ball additions too. Possibly also add small balls of groundbait as required. Hook baits will be maggot, sweetcorn, cheesepaste, worm, prawn and a special bread based bait.

Hoping for perch and chub in the main … but bream, tench and carp would be welcome too! :)

So… that’s tomorrow’s plans… but while talking of quivertip rods… I’ve bought another one yesterday off eBay.
£20 inc p&p –  a ‘Grandeslam Carbo Strike 11ft Avon Barbel Rod’ – comes with a solid tip and also a quiver section with 2 push-in tips… and has a 1.75lb TC. Original plan was to sell the Syntra 10′ but not sure about that now! :D

Also, my Korum 2-rod quiver is now on eBay for sale… a few watchers almost striaght away but no actual bids currently but then again there’s still 6 days to go on the auction.

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