Session 17 – Staffs-Worcs Canal Drop Shotting Session

I arrived on the banks of the canal at around 5:45am – although not my previously chosen area. As I said in the previous post I didn’t know how to get there by car and it would have been a long walk from my usual area which is where I fished today. And was too tired to Google Map the location from the Android pad in bed last night – went straight to sleep!

Anyway, strolled the banks until 8:30am casting in good looking – and some not-so-good-looking – and some completely random – spots … and not one pluck! :( I walked up the canal with a small green sparkly jelly fish as the lure, and on the return changed over to a small orange wriggly tailed worm jelly.

Still it was a nice morning to be out with no-one around (a few just arriving as I was leaving) and blue sunny skies.

A couple of good things I found out too on my way homewards….

1. That card for the usual stretch of canal I’ve been fishing covers more than I thought it did! Walked some of the newly discovered ‘extra’ bit (well, it seems a very lengthy ‘bit’) and it looks excellent in places – I’ll have to wander that way the next time I go there. Will have to look at Google/Bing maps too, to find if there’s a shorter access to the nicest bits – probably something there as there was an angler I could see further down the stretch….

2. And on the way home, I also, I located my originally intended place and know how to get there now :)

Anyway, not much more to say – except next session (18) as I’ve said before is a tenching session with Liz on Friday…

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