Tuesday morning’s early ramblings….

Oh well, nearly time to get up and go shopping! But until then I’ve been thinking about Friday’s planned expedition to the club’s tench pool accompanied by Liz.

Hoping to do some ‘laying on’ – a technique mentioned before in my blogs – and hoping to see that float rise slowly and then dive under the water! Few better sights and gets the heart pumping! :)

Going to take my ‘chocolate’ stuff that I won in a magazine competition a while ago – it was a package of choc flavoured pellets, groundbaits, dips, etc – as I read an article that chocolate was a good tench attractor – but will also be taking dried blood to add to it too. Will try the choc pellets although I’m not a great pellet fan – don’t think I’ve EVER caught a fish on pellet! But main baits will be sweetcorn (natural and strawberry), maggot and bread – and, if I can find some in the compost heap, I’ll take redworm and brandlings, etc too. Feed will be choco groundbait and breadcrumb with added dried blood, maize, corn and maggot introduced via a mini-Spomb as this will allow a very dry mix of groundbait/crump that will cloud the water on its descent. Probably introduce a couple of cricket ball sized ‘sticky’ groundbait+corn+maggot balls by hand initially too.

Tackle will be my 13′ float rod, 6lb line straight through to size 16 Kamasan B981 hook, and a 1SSG float shotted with 1SSG+1BB both 3″ from the hook and fished 6″-12″ overdepth and line wound to tighten until float shows correctly in water.

Depending what happens and personal inclination, we may also have a last hour or so on the adjoining carp pool.

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