Session 15 – in which Steve blanks again but Liz gets a new PB tench!

Session 15 – and I blanked again! However, Liz managed to catch herself a PB tench of 3lb 14oz – which also actually eclipses my PB tench of 3lb 10oz. So she now has 2 PBs better than mine carp and tench! :)

Anyway, back to session 15.
The day itself was quite pleasant but could have been improved by the cold northwesterly breeze abating a little. Fished from 8:30am to just after 2:30pm with Liz’s fish coming in at 2:00pm. I fished 2 rods – 1 with bread on a size 6 hook and 1 with maggot on a size 12, Liz fished 2 rods – one with swimfeedered maggot which the tench was caught on, the other baited with chili meat.

Slight upset on the day for Liz – after taking the first cup of coffee from her flask, the catch on the stopper didn’t close properly and, unknowingly, the remainder of the coffee seeped away when the flask fell over on the ground… she did have a couple of cups from my flask though bar mine was black and sweetened with Sweetex (Liz is normally a ‘white and 2 sugar’ person).

Finally, a couple of pics of the pool and location thereon that we fished at, and one of Liz with her new PB tench.
Note that the pic of the pool was actually taken last summer hence the abundance of lush greenery whereas currently is it more barren and brown dead rushes having not yet started from the past few weeks  of  harsh weather….

S2013-04-19 Liz - 3lb 14oz (PB) 01

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