Prelude to Session 16….

Session 16 will hopefully take place next week…. in Pwllheli!

We’re booked on a Monday-Friday break at the Haven Caravan Site (Hafan Y Mor) there – and the site has a free-to-use fishing lake which is stocked with quite a few species of fish – carp, tench, perch, pike, bream, etc. – and we are intending to have at least one days fishing on there – and I may get to have a couple of short morning/evening sessions there too hopefully.

Currently trying to get tackle into a small a space as possible as we’ll also need to take clothing and bedding and food along too. May have to fit roof box but hopefully will get things organised so all will fit in the back of the car. But unable to start doing that until tomorrow afternoon as we have a previous engagement to attend to that requires the boot space in the morning.

I’ll be digging the compost heap over tomorrow possibly to try to get a few worms for this trip :)

As I’ll not have access to a PC – will take the Android tablet but on-screen keyboards are a PAIN – the results etc of session 16 and any others will be added on my return.

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