Session 14 results – and plans for session 15 on Friday 19th April

Something went wonky somewhere with the last post on here!!

Anyway, Session 14.
Fished 7:45am – 4:00pm
A bit of a result – a 6oz roach (Grrr!!! Tell why in a mo) and a bream of about 1.5lb. Two bites, two captures so as good as it was going to be – almost…
Roach – I was fishing two leger rods out about 50 yards and flicking a few maggots just on the edge of the pool while sat there – eventually a set of tail swirls appeared in the maggot fed area and a quick peruse showed 5 carp there – 4 about 4lb or so, the 5th a near, if not actually a, double. So quietly wound one line in, took off bread and size 6 hook and 1/2oz bomb, fitted size 12 hook baited with about 8 maggots and flicked, unweighted, into the tail swirls. A few seconds later the line jerked and started to tighten, I struck and … a 6oz roach… which caused the carp to scatter to the winds. Not a major roach fan anyway but that one definitely not in the good books! Anyway, other than the bream on bread it was otherwise a quiet but pleasant day to have been out.

Session 15 – planned tomorrow for another club pool (LA1). A notoriously difficult water that although stuffed to the gills with fish is little fished due to its notoriety – and therein lies the Catch 22 situation. The water has an abundance of natural feed and thus the fish need to be weaned away from their natural diet and educated to recognise and to take angler’s type baits – but as no-one goes there there’s no baits in sufficient quantities going in to change the fishes feeding habits and thus when people go there’s usually, once in a blue moon the pool does fish exceedingly well, very little, if anything, caught… and so they don’t return. In fact, I’ve fished this pool 5-6 times over the past 2 ‘seasons’ and not even had a single bite. However, my partner has fared better and has had ONE 4oz roach! There are good carp, bream, perch, roach and rudd in there though. So, that’s where we’re (my partner Liz, and myself) heading off to tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a good day!

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