Session 14 tomorrow – Tuesday 16th April 2013.

Off to a well-stocked club carp pool – need results!

Good bream in there too though – and along with chub will be my main target although if the carp head to the surface later in the day the floater rod will come out.


  • 2 homemade 1.75lb TC tench/carp rods will be fished on the pod with bobbins and buzzers. 8lb mainline to 8lb braid hooklength terminated with size 6 hooks. However, may swap one rod to same setup but with size 12 hook for maggot/sweetcorn depending on how results are turning out. 
  • 1 Winfield ‘Specialist Angler’ rod, 1.75lb TC, loaded with vaselined 15lb braid with size 4 hook for floater fishing possibly later in the day.


  • Bread
  • Maggot
  • Sweetcorn
  • Various meats
  • Hemp (for spod)
  • Pellet paste (for sticking to leger weight as an attractant)
  • Cheesepaste
  • Dog biscuit
  • ‘Specials’

One response to “Session 14 tomorrow – Tuesday 16th April 2013.”

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    Just received this from you!!!!!!!!!!!! ATVB T


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