Session 12 – another blank….

The visit to the Staffs/Worcs canal was a bit of a flop – another blank in fact.
Fished 7:30am-1:00pm at ABF.

Was very busy on the stretch I was on – at least another 10 or so anglers – and the swims between me and the access were all taken – including the ones between the ‘No Fishing’ signs (power lines)! Also 3 or 4 beyond me were taken too. However, I was first there at 7am – others seemed to arrive around 9am-10am. Anyway, need to walk further to get away from these intruders at the moment and in the near future. Should be OK later in the year when I start at 3:30-4:00am start sessions – as I’ll have left the water before they even get out of bed… HOPEFULLY! :D

Will have to look at the OS map to locate sections away from easy access too!

Boat traffic was OK … one boat that was moored just before my swim when I arrived left at 9am travelling away from me, 2 other boats passed at noon.

Fished leger, 8lb mainline, 8lb braid hooklength, size 6 hook.
Baits used were my special (BPJB), bread, and prawn/maggot combo.
Prawn attracted a few bobbin lifts but nothing that developed and baits were pristine on winding in and so suspect small perch at play. Knocks came from boat channel too… nothing at all close to or against the overhanging vegetation on the far bank where the bites would have been expected to come from.
Not a nod or hint of a touch on the special or bread.

Air temp rose from 5C on arrival to around 18C on departure (albeit felt less diue to the chilly breeze – and in fact the 7C in perfectly still air – and after walking several hundred yards in thermals – felt much warmer!), water temps rose from 7.2C to 7.9C over the same period.

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