Back from the Staffs/Worcs – having blanked.

Well, back from my jaunt on the Staffs/Worcs canal now and showered and glowing from the hot water! πŸ˜€

Nice day out there except that there was a cool breeze on the back of my neck and ears but soon remedied by pulling my snood over the top of my cap and over ears.

Started at 8am. Fished 2 swims over the morning – first swim, not a touch after 90 mins, so moved to swim 2. Had one take there after half an hour but missed it but it was enough to keep me there until 12:30 when I packed up but alas no further action ensued.

Need to repair my digital thermometer now too… the wire from the external sensor has broken and so, although I could read the air temps fine with the internal sensor, I was unable to read water temps. However, as the half hourly readings were in the 4.6C-4.8C range until the point of failure, I think that wouldn’t have changed too much. Air temps measured between 5C-7C today.

Oh… and it was marmalade butties for me!! πŸ˜€
And bloodworm pellet based jelly bread for bait – and same with blackcurrant jelly bread and a few maggots for loose feed for the fishes.

Was quite a nice morning out.. a few dog walkers, joggers, bikers, Β and ramblers around too.

4 or 5 boats passed through so not so many as to be a nuisance and I do like a boat or two to pass occasionally, as it can ‘kickstart’ some fish feeding on an otherwise quiet day by churning up the bottom and releasing food particles and also colouring Β the water up a bit IMHO. But, unfortunately, that didn’t happen today.

Photos taken around 8:45am…

2013-04-02 - Awbridge Farm 01 2013-04-02 - Awbridge Farm 02 2013-04-02 - Awbridge Farm 03

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