Decisions, decisions…

Well, of the 3 options I was mooting for Tuesday’s outing, one has been thrown out of the box today.
Too far away as I have to be somewhere in the late afternoon….

So I WAS down to one of two Staffs/Worcs canal locations  – but a third has just jumped into my head, still on the Staffs/Worcs though.

Baits for the day will be maggots, my latest ‘special’ (which I have a good feeling about), and possibly some bread flake fished on a leger setup – probably take 2 rods, one a quiver tip, and the other a straight leger rod used with a bobbin, although will probably fish one-or-other rather than both simultaneously as it a bit difficult I find to watch a tip and a bobbin together being they are located at different ends of the rods :) Suppose I could take a bite alarm for the bobbin rod though? Like I say, decisions, decisions!!

And it gets worse… far worse…. just WHAT will I put on my butties for the day? :D

UPDATE (1st April):
Well, it seems the ‘quiver tip’ bit has had to change! Sorted out the garage and fishing tackle recently and now can’t find my quiver tips! :( They must be in there somewhere though…but despite hunting high and low they’ve not surfaced…

Anyway, rods are tackled up now – both with with 8lb Krystonite main line, standard free-running link leger setup with one rod with size 12 hook on 8lb braid hooklength, other same but size 8 hook.

And I’ve decided exactly where I’m headed for and will fish 2 or 3 swims – dropping some feed into the 2 nearest swims to the car as I pass – and then bait/fish the furthest away for an hour or so, then move to the second swim for another hour or so and then to the nearest to car swim – and finally to the car and home. But movements depend on situation – if catching then obviously I will remain longer in that swim and may thus, in the end, only fish the one swim or two…

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