OK… Liz’s coat waterproofed this morning along with my Korum cap… :)

Liz and I planning to head to one of the more distant club waters in the morning for a session.

In fact, I’m hoping to eventually break my duck on this water, but Liz has had a couple of small fish on previous visits and so hoping for something more substantial too.

We’ll be fishing our usual ‘twin rod on alarmed pods’ leger setups – and will be taking a good selection of baits including home baked bread (still in the oven), maggots, corn, selection of meaty baits, worms, etc.

Probably ‘spomb’ out a bed of feed (breadcrumb, maize, hemp, maggot,…) on arrival in the area between our two swims and then fish one rod each into that baited area and our other rods outside.

Also my session 21 planned – my usual, on my own, Tuesday 4am session on the canal. Aiming for around the same area as last Tuesday’s visit – but maybe not so far from the car this time though as there were some nice areas I passed last time..