Likely To Be Back Sooner Than Expected!!! :)

A bit if good news regarding something that had been preying on my mind over the past few weeks – and has also resolved the ‘what if’ options that had to be considered so now have a happier and freer mind…

Yesterday, I had the colonoscopy booked due to the last bowel screening I had back in October detecting blood in my stools – although I did suspect, and hope for, that the source was less sinister than the worse the sinister possibility – and it seems my suspicion was correct with the final result being ‘ALL NORMAL’ :). All went well – although as the doctor performing was actually being assessed/trained I think they went through a few more manoeuvres than normal – I don’t recall so many times I had to turn over to new positions in my previous two colonoscopies, but it did mean that I got a thorough check out in all the cracks and crannies – and the Head of Endoscopy was there instructing, viewing and advising throughout too so was the best of all worlds in my opinion! :)

And that was the final item for my medical needs for a few months in terms of tests and reviews – and the car flew through its MOT a couple of weeks back with nothing to be done.

So, now just need to sort the final Xmas bits & pieces out, which means, weather permitting, that I may get a session or two on the waterside pre-New Year :)

Won’t be the coming Monday though as that is ‘booked’ for other things as I probably won’t have time to sort tackle and baits in the interim anyway… looking at Thursday as first opportunity at the moment although it may be the following Monday…

All looking good now! :)


6 responses to “Likely To Be Back Sooner Than Expected!!! :)”

  1. Stephen Baines avatar
    Stephen Baines

    Excellent news

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  2. Cheers to all! :)

    Weather looking good for Thursday – so planning to be out there!! :)


    1. Yep…. just prepped the tackle needed… so just bait, flask and butties to be sorted before my heading off for the planned Thursday outing. Weather forecast ‘mild’ (up to 7’C during the day) with a gentle breeze … and the peg I’m hoping to fish is dug out and that puts me down below the top of the bank with the breeze coming from behind so should be well sheltered. Add the Damarts and I should be a ‘reet snuggly bunny’! LOL… Should also be in the right position to drift baits out …. :)


  3. Good News Steve. Fingers crossed for a full recovery.


  4. Yep, good news indeed Steve.


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