Session 1 (2021) – At Last – A Session Under My Belt!

Tuesday 23rd February, Liz and I actually had our lure session that was intended to take place some weeks ago on a local canal for an hour’s walk with the light lure rods.

With the errant rod/reels that had caused our cancellation of the intended trip earlier replaced and re-tackled we left the house around 1130.

The weather wasn’t as good as forecast though being very breezy which made casting with our SSG (1.6g) micro-jelly jig lures – attached to 15lb braid mainline and 14lb fluorocarbon traces – difficult to say the least. After neither of us having a touch after an hour or so we decided to call it a day and call in the supermarket on the way home to pick up a few essentials. Actually, Monday’s (yesterday’s) weather was far better – bright, sunny and calm and with none of the forecast rain.

Anyway, it was good to get some exercise – I’d not been out of the house in about 10 days other than to get the ferrets in a couple of times for some exercise of their own!

Next trip already planned … going to a local club pool on Thursday (25th) – a solo outing as Liz is working. So today has got me ‘in the mood’ for that as I was getting a bit lethargic having been sat indoors for weeks on end … and I’m further motivated by news that the club stocked the pool with a lot of bream (up 9lb+) and roach last week … so have that happy thought in my head! LOL.

Boris announced ‘the way forward’ today but not sure how that will affect my clubs’ waters as fishing already allowed legally but currently one of my clubs has closed all its waters until further notice and another has placed a restriction of being within 5 miles from home (ie actual travel distance, not as the crow flies) as they have interpreted the word ‘local’ in the guidelines as being that… However, one other club has no restrictions and the neither does the BAA. I am suspecting it may be the end of April before any changes occur but that’s my only personal view… have to see how it all pans out really.

3 responses to “Session 1 (2021) – At Last – A Session Under My Belt!”

  1. Sorry … hope you’re ok and glad to see you’ve managed a couple of outings…
    I’ve also got to get some garden work done too!


  2. Also heard from the club that had closed all its waters have decided to re-open them from 1st March!!! And they recently stocked one of the pools with tench of 7lb+!!

    All looking rosy at the mo…

    Off to the 9lb bream pool as I say on Thursday and then next venue will probably be a pike mission as waters too cold for tench I think and club only allows pike fishing 1st October – 31st March so only 1 month left of that :) Also there’s a new pool the club obtained last year that I’ve not had chance to fish so that will also have to be factored in!! :)


  3. Steve

    Good to come in from the garden look at the internet and see you’ve returned to the bank. I’ve two sessions to write up but in the first one I’m rambling on and also have a fair bit of running club to distract me.

    Nine pound bream? Crikey, go get them! Sharpish!!

    Stay safe.



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