January 1st 2021 has arrived and I wish one and all the very best for an exceedingly Happy New Year – with hopes that the covid vaccines recently released get into the right hands quickly for the vaccinations to be made – and that they do make the differences wished for!

Our New Year has been a bit marred by the car refusing to start for the past 3-4 days – hopefully due to the temps – and engine won’t even try to turn over (just a ‘click’ heard on the turn of the ignition key but that’s all apart from dashboard lights dimming/extinguishing).

BUT just after Xmas I was looking for the planned purchase of a new vehicle – and found one that looked good to meet our needs and desires bar it being 100 miles away in Preston – and Liz and I are off to do a ‘Click’n’Collect’ viewing –  and a purchase and drive away if all meets our desires via train on Monday 4th. So, a bit pushed into by the failure of the current vehicle but certainly meets my wants if all matches the description, etc.

5 responses to “A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!”

  1. Train ticket bought – and on the way tomorrow morning :)

    Our car still won’t start – last tried a couple of days ago though but yesterday was cold and snow – and driver’s door frozen shut so couldn’t get in that way anyway….

    Going to try again shortly – thawing well today out there! :)


    1. Em, as I said to ‘bjackson1’ it is probably best i don’t enlarge on the approved South London method for unfreezing frozen car locks!



    2. Door opened today…. connected power pack … turned key in ignition for a ‘urrrrrrr urrrrr urr’.
      Took pack off battery …and not even enough battery power to lock doors, remotely or even with actual key in lock! Had to put power pack back on to get enough power to lock the doors!!


  2. Happy New Year to you two.

    I had one flat battery over lockdown#1 as did my daughter later in the year (she now only heads in to work once a week, a round trip of 50 miles and didn’t use the car in between). However, I recall you were already looking to change cars. Heading to Preston seems a bit of a jaunt especially if it turns but to be not as described. Fingers crossed! That said when I first moved down here a lot of people looked to the west of the county or Devon for s/hand cars as they maintained cars were cheaper the further west you went. I’m not sure if that still applies, but we bought our most recent purchase, Mrs. Sidestream’s Yaris, in Southampton. Trust us to head east not west!



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