I’m Back!!!

Ummmm …. seems that WP has again ‘upgraded’ (euphanism for ‘made a simple system totally non-understandable’) the editing/writing system … why can’t people leave well alone??? What the F (as in ‘Flip’) are these ‘blocks’? Don’t need them! Just want to write words and add pictures!!

Anyway, rant over…

Not sure if there’s been any reports written up since the end of June – to be honest I’ve not been up to logging in here until today really – but not seen any e-mail’s that have notified me of any new posts being made? But then again when I came to my pages it was only allowing me to access as a ‘follower/reader’ and had to go to ‘WordPress.com’ and login so it seemed to have ‘forgotten me. Anyway, hope people have been out and doing OK … I’ll have to search through the postings!

Anyway, quick update on the situation so far…

Operation went well … was in ward for 8 days … but 8 days too many…. due to CV19 the wards were even more restricted than usual, no walks out of ward around the hospital corridors for exercise and so was confined to a small ward of about 20′ square shared by 4 of us for the entirety of the stay – and no visitors allowed. I’ve always thought prison was a soft option but had second thoughts on that BUT they do get exercise periods, etc.

Still recovering/settling body now … operational stuff all fine no issues with that at all in terms of pain, infections, etc, etc…. but the workings of the bowels are another matter and I’m still trying to get the balance of laxatives/anti-constipation meds right! One day I’m one way, the next another – and I have the odd ‘perfect/normal’ day. Anyway, slight improvements happening (and its only been 7 weeks since the op) as time passes.

Even planning to fish on Monday (1st Sept) … with a toilet tent and bucket purchased! So a blog due soon!

Spent this past weekend on a break in Liverpool – enjoyed although I went a cropper on Sunday night – on the way to the pub not on the way back I hasten to add! Not watching where I was going and put foot over edge of kerb and stumbled. Glasses bent at the hinge on one side which pushed into my face and slight cut on eyebrow – managed to straighten glasses without any breaking of the hinge which looked likely to happen. Right leg still feels a bit dead-legged too…. other than that I was fine.

Off to Great Yarmouth with Liz – and her brother and partner to their caravan – for a week at the end of the month. And in October Liz and I are having our usual week long break in Burnham-on-Sea at a site with a fishing lake, our only early year booking to have survived the CV lockdown, etc. We were booked for Shrewsbury Folk Festival next weekend but that was cancelled (although they are doing a ‘virtual 2-day festival’ shown on their website over Sat/Sun… and the 2020 tickets are now valid for 2021 instead)… and Liz and family were due to go to Malta late Sept which got cancelled and so they changed plans to go to Cyprus instead to meet up with their parents there (ex-pats there) instead but even that was cancelled … and so that’s the reason for our caravan trip.

Right have to go now – unpacking and washing from the L’pool weekend to be done!! LOL!

Best wishes to all!!

3 responses to “I’m Back!!!”

  1. Yep, only been 7 weeks or so since the op so pleased with how things are going really.

    See you’ve managed a few outings for me to catch up on and look forward to reading them as my bedtime literature! Not been on PC much – mostly just checking e-mails and messages – recently.

    Hoping all OK with you :)



  2. Steve

    Good to see you back on here, it sounds like the trend line is going in the right direction and hopefully with a few tweaks you’ll soon be as right as rain. I’m looking forward to reading that you bagged up on Monday. Weather up your way looks like it’ll be inbetweenish so you should have a good day.



  3. Great to hear things are going well with procedures and you’re back to keeping busy as usual. Look forward to the next report.


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