Session 8 (2020) – Canal On The Float And Lead….

Tuesday 4th February at 0900 I was off to fish a stretch of the local Staffs-Worcs Canal for a session of general coarse fishing. This is a stretch that is administered by one of my clubs (SAC-SWC) and actually runs alongside one of the club’s pool waters – and beyond along the length of a neighbouring commercial fishery – and so the total length of this canal stretch is around 1500 yards or so.

I set myself up opposite the entry to the marina – the type of place that is generically good for catching – a favourite haunt for species like perch, bream and pike in particular and I had been told, and was actually told whilst fishing too, that this area was no exception to that rule.

So, on arrival I set up the light 11’ feeder rod I use as my usual canal float fishing rod as I find commercially made ‘float rods’ these days have rings, tip rings in particular, that are too small for me as, when float fishing, I virtually always use a sliding float arrangement regardless the depth of water I’m fishing in as I just find it easier to make whatever changes/adjustments I need to do over the course of a session … and the float stop or stop knot can be felt to jar in the small rings on the cast thus effecting the casts (ie jarring causes the cast to fall short of desired OR if cast harder to compensate then the stop can sail through smoothly and overcast occur – usually into far bank overhanging vegetation!). Hence the use of the 1lb TC feeder rod with its larger rings. Line was 4lb BS, size 16 hook, and a 3AAA reed waggler completed the setup. Bait was 2-3 maggots.

3 areas were baited up with crumb, partices and maggot – along the boarding on the far bank of the main canal (as seen in 1st photo), about 3’ off the end of that boarding into the marina entrance, and about halfway across to the tall tree (so was mid marina entrance).

For the first hour or so I float fished into the 3 bait areas in turn but had not a single nudge – and when I finally got a knot in my end tackle I couldn’t easily resolve I decide to switch to the lead … well, actually I was going to use a small feeder but found I’d not packed any feeders (aside: nor had I put in my thermometer either, hence no temp readings) and so I used a small flat (‘penny’) lead of about 5g around which I packed hard balls of groundbait… Rod was a 10’Syntra feeder rod with a light quiver tip, line was 8lb BS and a size 6 hook baited with worm completed the setup.

This gave slightly better results in that at least I was getting occasional plucks albeit that no fish were hooked.

It started to get a bit cool around midday and with the lack of action … and blank 8 made … I decided to call it a day at 1230 and head home and prepare my tackle for the next outing which will most likely be Saturday 8th February and thus, due to transport needs ie a bus, be back to the same canal albeit in a different area.

Anyway, feeders and thermometer now added to the canal box!! :)

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  1. Steve

    Glad you are predominately okay.

    Agreed that the weather has been pants and today it is wall to wall rain here, but I’ve looked at Wolverhampton’s weather on the net and yep, you look clearish so I hope you have /had a good session. The rivers are so flooded down here that I cannot even see them looking okay on the 15th – which is the usual ironic normal down here.

    I guess your club memberships are so cheap you’ve a spare £150 left to spend. I’m having another weight reducing purge of my kit.

    Hoping the various medical hurdles all go your way and I’m looking forward to the write up of today.



    1. Dunno about cheap..

      BAA £30, W’ton AA £10, Kinver Freeliners £110, Albrighton Anglers £100, Sankey’s AC £70 (but may rise at AGM next week)

      Sub total: £325

      Kinver Freeliners £135, Sankey’s AC £70

      Sub total: £205

      TOTAL: £530….

      Still cheaper than just my own golf club membership was 10 years ago though!! :)
      Don’t know what that would be nowadays!

      Anyway, we’ll probably drop our Kinver memberships next year but Liz will be changing hers to Albrighton – so will be a nett change of -£150 based on current fees.

      Albrighton have taken on two new pools this year it was announced at the AGM last week – and they seem more in my line (ie BIG bream, less carp!) plus their pools are a lot closer home – and better pike waters… :)

      OK – time to dash – not realised time!
      Need to get 16:30 bus to hospital for a CAT scan!! :)



      1. Ringwood is £170 a year, plus I joined Mudeford Woods last year and will renew – a one lake club and £35 a year.

        This year I may fish a bit with my old Croydon mate meeting mid-wayish at Dorking (Bury Hill) which will be extra expense in day tickets and petrol, but it’d be good to see him more frequently and I can call in my daughter at Guildford, so it sort of works.



  2. Yep, I’m good, Clive, thanks for asking! :)

    Just been that the few days with weather suitable for fishing have been few – and when they’ve appeared they’ve clashed with doctor’s appointments and other commitments….

    However, I’m planning to head out to a pool on Thursday for a few hours as the weather is looking good in that it won’t be raining ./.. but will be cold! :)

    Liz and I went to ‘The Big One’ angling show in Stoneleigh (30 miles from us) on Sunday – had a good day – spent £150 on mainly on baits/additives/dips with a bit of tackle too! Better thgan a friend of mine who went on Saturday and spent £850!! LOL! Very good day out – went to the Q&A session with Jeremy Wade (River Monsters/Dark Waters/etc on TV) being interviewed by Rob Hughes … and bought JW’s book of the River Monster’s series (last year I bought his ‘How To Think Like A Fish Book’ – an excellent read!) and had a photo and book autographed – reminds me, photo is still on the phone, need top transfer to PC!

    Thurs night is subs night for one one of my clubs at a local pub – we’ve actually paid our subs already via bank transfer so more of a social outing for us really although we may be able to pick up the new cards whilst there if they’ve been made out.

    Friday gone was AGM with another of my clubs – and we’ve acquired 2 pools quite close to another pool we have. One of the pools is 35′-40′ deep and be told by a friend who fished there in the past when it was day ticket that it has ‘big slabs’ :) Also carp which are rumoured to go to 40lb in an old carp forum I found on Google although that was obviously disputed and said more like mid-doubles/low 20’s . Anyway a test fish by the committee caught a lot of 4-5lb carp, may be the other pool though. We can’t start fishing there until 1st April though while the committee talk to a local household to establish a good relationship and guidelines to keep them happy (eg things like not burning down the track at 70mph blasting the horn…. :D) … common sense stuff really I should think.

    March 11th – one of our clubs has a social night with a guset speaker – Mark Walsingham, well known for his Ashmead and Redmire caretaking I believe….

    March 12th .,.. AGM of our third club – whose pool I should be fishing on Thursday this week.

    April 26th – off to Parkdean Warmwell holiday site (Sun Holiday) for the week – have a fishing pool Well, have 2 really – pleasure pool and specimen pool. Down your way in Dorset I believe? :)

    Hospital – saw surgeon 2-3 weeks ago – on the list to have my ileostomy reversed now. Surgeon is hoping to do at the end of March, early April. 30 minutes in theatre – tuck ileum back into abdomen, stitch to bowel, sew up hole – but still a ‘major surgery’ so will be in hospital for 3-5 days following (average for the op but, knowing me, probably be 7-8 :(). And told it will be some time before I get back near to normality (never be 100% as large section of bowel missing) as the brain has start to realise that the bowel is working ie could need to be near facilities for some time….

    Doctors – still having kidney functions monitored – slow improvements but going right way. Plenty of blood tests being done … and the new GP surgery and all doctors seen there are excellent, no rushing and listen too you unlike old surgery where they seemed to be writing your prescription as soon as you walked through the door without even hearing what the problem is! And I’m sure that if I say to the new people that there looks like blood in my poo and that there is a cancer history in the family they’d run tests immediately unlike the old place, the response of which was to say, without even taking a pulse never mind more relevant tests, ‘no, there’s no way you’ve got cancer!’ … and then 6 months later, after my biennial bowel screening, I’m being operated on….

    March 6 – CT at hospital … when doing CT pre-op a small nodule was spotted on a lung and I was referred to the lung specialist … he said at the time, and I’ve received a letter stating the same a couple of weeks back, that it was only small and likely not to be a worry (benign?) but they’d monitor it at 6 month intervals which is what this is. Did say it could be damage from things like acid reflux, which I used to suffer from but not had now for a couple of years or more, sometimes waking up choking and unable to breathe and I so I used to run to stairs and lie down them with my head below my feet so if I passed out I’d hopefully drain via gravity and get my breath back!! Never came to that, just had to force myself out of ‘panic’ mode and try to breathe deep and slow for a while….

    Right bedtime now!!! :)

    G’night and best wishes!



  3. You okay Steve – you’ve been a wee bit quiet on here of late!


  4. I think Steve is secretly bagging up but, being a gent, is trying to make me feel better!


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    1. I just wish!! LOL!
      Out tomorrow though -albeit the snow and hail and temp drop from 4.5’C to 2.0’C over the last hour probably won’t help the cause!! :)

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  5. Think it was 5 albatrosses and a golden eagle!!!

    Not only that but also had to cancel planned Saturday outing too as I ended up back in A&E as right ear started being painful Wednesday afternoon and midnight Thursday was excruciatingly painful … and bleeding too. In A&E until Friday 7am … but seems it’s just a middle ear infection and have been given anti-biotics for the infection and told to take paracetamol for the pain. Both seem to be doing their job slowly….

    Hoping to get out Tuesday now…. :)

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  6. Look now Steve. It’s not big and it’s not clever carrying on with this blanking malarkey. Are you sure you haven’t killed any albatross’s recently?


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