Well, here I am again at last….

Not been out on the waters, at least fishing, since my operation for rectal cancer albeit in the past couple of weeks I have managed a couple of walks, about a mile each, along a local canal. Also done a few shorter walks on the estate.

All went well with the operation itself … had the operation on Monday 23rd September … discharged on Saturday 5th October. Had few problems in the early days with the ileostomy ‘equipment’ I have to have attached to my body leaking but that was soon fully resolved after change of style/model to fit my contours better. AND, I’ve had information from the surgeon that my histology is good – no follow-up chemo or radio required and we’ll be having a meeting mid-December’ish to discuss – part of which I’m told will be regarding the reversal operation to re-connect the natural piping…. so all seems good so far from that point of view…

However, I’ve not an easy few weeks overall. Sinus problems and breathing difficulties due to that have made me feel exceedingly fatigued at times .. even getting upstairs to bed at times being a huge effort with much heavy breathing. A visit to the GP a couple of weeks ago is seeing me on iron tablets – seems blood iron on hospital release was 90, and normally should be 130, so quite a deficit. I was also put on a course of anti-biotics and now following this up with a steroidal nose spray.

However, touch wood and hoping not to apply a jinx, the past 3 days or so have been much better and Liz and I are hoping to do another walk along a canal on Monday or Tuesday next week along a stretch that my club has the fishing rights on, and so I’m thinking of taking a mini-jigging rod along and just having the odd cast here and there as we amble along…

November 18th we’re off on one of our Sun newspaper holiday breaks. Well, actually 2 breaks – the breaks are offered in Monday to Friday (midweek) and Friday-Monday (weekend) versions – and we’ve booked Mon 18th – Fri 22nd plus Friday 22nd – Monday 25th to make one long break. And actually we originally booked for October 7th – 14th but I contacted the actual site explaining that I’d be recovering from my operation at that time and, happily, they were happy to change the date ex gratis for us … and not only that but we’ve even ended up in better accommodation! So, it’s off to Tattershall Lakes, Lincs, we shall be off… From the name you’ll probably realise that when we selected the site in the first place we’d intended to take the tackle and do a bit of fishing but its going to be a chill and ramble type weekend instead now.

So … things are moving along … and hoping to do my first proper fishing session early in the New Year…

Best wishes and tight lines to all!

3 responses to “UPDATE……”

  1. Cheers Clive!
    Here’s to a few good chub for you next week then.!
    Yep weather never is enticing this time the year so maybe my problems are fortuitous in happening when they have…. and can back when it’s more appealing out there 😊


  2. Good to hear your news and that it is all sounding positive but I’ll still be keeping them crossed for you. I’ve been a bit quiet of late, not been out fishing since August, just been feeling a bit low to be honest. I’m out the other side but its hard to convince yourself to get going again when it is either raining, windy or getting on to cold. I need to give myself a talking to. Momentum is a wonderful thing as when you are in the habit of going the weather is less of a barrier.

    Keep well Steve and watch this space maybe I’ll go a chubbing next week.



  3. Good to hear from you and glad things are going ok with the treatment (I was wondering). I’ve still only managed two sessions myself in the last 12 months so you’re still beating me hands down. Enjoy the hols and good luck with your continued recovery process.


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