Session 28 – Erratum! :(

I’ve just come to update my ‘Big Fish’ file ie the spreadsheet I keep of mine and Liz’s Personal Best In Species … and discovered my ‘new’ bream PB actually wasn’t – but it was the next best thing…. a PB= with a bream of 5lb 12oz that I had at the same place on July 28th 2017…..

2017-07-28 Steve - 5lb 12oz Bream 04

2017-07-28 – 5lb 12oz Bream

Seems that next trip to that venue I’ll need to be looking for my 6+… :).

One comment on “Session 28 – Erratum! :(

  1. Getting greedy now mate! Good luck with the quest for a six pounder.


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