Session 28 – Warwickshire Avon, Dead Worms, Blazing Sunshine, Hobgoblin – And A New Personal Best.

Monday, July 2nd saw me on a club stretch of the Warwickshire Avon (KF/A/WG) for a first visit of the year in the hope of capturing a new personal best bream – as it was/is probably the best venue I have available to make that a possibility.

As per the recent norm, the weather was hot and sunny with temps getting to around 30’C at its peak – and even on arrival at around 0630 it was more than warm. Luckily, the club has recently gained permission to park in the first of the fields that we lease the water on so I was able to park literally on the waterside. The walk to the river from the original  car parking area wouldn’t have been too bad – downhill and coolest part of the day – but the return journey at 1600, in the full sun and up a quite steep climb, would have been a killer!


I set up my single rod – 12’ feeder rod with quiver tip, 8lb line, size 8 hook and a 15 gram cage feeder which was loaded with a cereal mix along with maize, hemp, dead maggots and about 150ml of hemp infused vegetable oil added before wetting to a stiff mix – and made my first cast at 0710 with worm tipped with a couple of maggots.

And discovered that my worms – and I’d checked them the day before when they had been fine – had seen better days and were limp and comatose. And the heat of the day didn’t help as despite dampening with water and keeping in the shade by the end of the day they were definitely in the afterlife and breaking up when hooking them … HOWEVER … they remained bait of the day as despite giving sweetcorn, meat and bread extended trialling I could not get even a twitch on any of them but dead worm usually elicited at least a twitch or nudge within 10-15 minutes…

0720 first nudge of the tip … 0730 first fish of the day … a chub of around 6oz.

Second fish, at 0740,  was a bream of around 12oz… flowed by a 2lb 4oz bream at 0750 … followed by a chub of around 8oz at 0805…


So, I fished on but the bite rate dropped a little and it was 0925 before the next fish was landed – a bream of around 1lb … followed at 1005 by a bream of 4lb 7oz …. 1225 a bream of 5lb 3oz (only 1oz below my PB!) … and then at 1245 I attained my new PB, a bream of 5lb 12oz (an increase of 8oz from my 1980’s PB) … and then final fish of the day was a perch of around 4oz at 1315 … and then it all went very quiet and I only had small tiny tip twitches, and no fish caught, until I packed up at 1530…


And so, the day ended, but on the the trip home such was the need for a cool and refreshing beverage that a quick stop off was made and a very welcome pint of Hobgoblin quaffed….

11 responses to “Session 28 – Warwickshire Avon, Dead Worms, Blazing Sunshine, Hobgoblin – And A New Personal Best.”

  1. Last of piste comment (promise); the Wadworth’s Horizon on gravity at this weekend’s NF Folk Festival was more than acceptable!

    And I’ll leave the beer talk there!



    1. Not had that one … will look out for it now.
      More doing, less talking, eh?? :)
      Cheers to that one!


  2. I’ve just seen you’re update but irrespective it’s a cracking bream, Steve!

    I’m partial to a nice ale myself but the pubs around here don’t tend to carry anything ‘nice’ so I end up drinking Bass all night. Hobgoblin I do like bottled, however.


  3. Btw we rarely see Hobgoblin on draught round here, so have to make do with bottles of it from LiDL or Aldi. Not sure which one has it the cheapest, I never know which one I am in. I did see it on draught somewhere recently, maybe in the Hare and Hounds at Sway but if so I was cycling so stuck to soft drinks.


    1. Wychwood Ales (Hobgoblin brewers) are owned by Marston’s (formerly Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries) based in Wolves City Centre – as are Jennings, Ringwood Ales, and a few others and so often are on tap in our local pubs. Brewery was originally the Banks’ brewery …. became W&D Breweries … and then did a ‘hostile’ takeover of Marston’s (based in Burton on Trent) – in fact, Marston’s at the time retaliated by attempting to take over W&D!. Then W&D appropriated the ‘Marstons’ name for the company., Banks’/W&D/Marston’s not my favourite brewery per se … their original beer (Banks’) leaves a lot to be desired usually unless VERY carefully managed in the cellar – in fact, in a thunderstorm the mild is very liable to layer ie pour 5 pints in a row and line them on the bar and they are 5 different colours! Bar staff have to go down the cellar and re-mix the barrel by pouring into jugs and then re-adding to the barrel via a big funnel with a long thin spout with holes down it (there is a name for it but can’t recall at the moment) so the beer streams out sidewards in the barrel and re-mixes. Strange really – their ‘special/seasonal’ ales are usually very good, their acquired brands are very good … but their bog standard Banks’ bitter/mild are, well, OK….ish :)


      1. We are about to off piste here – Marston’s maintain they paid over the odds for Ringwood and therefore claim to have no wish


        1. [Clicked send too early] We are about to off piste here – Marston’s maintain they paid over the odds for Ringwood and therefore claim to have no wish to damage the brand – so far that’s proved truish. One bonus is the Snakecatchers in Brockenhurst had Oxford Gold on gravity when I cycled there for the Columbia match. Mild …. sadly ovthr than at beer festivals that rarely makes it this far south.



  4. Well done – top breaming


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