Session 33 – Back To Sanity….

Anyway, I eventually got to get back out with rod and line on Monday 30th July to a club pool (KF-WL1). As I’ve mentioned before this pool (pond) is one of a pair of waters on site and is available to fish on day ticket, the other, larger, water being reserved for member’s only.

2018-07-30 01The morning followed a day of light rain although the forecast had been for thunder and lightning but that never appeared. And the forecast for the day itself was OK … slightly cooler than the previous few weeks and the possibility of light showers – a couple of which did appear but weren’t sufficient to require the erection of a brolly although I did, in fact, set it up for the second one as it looked greyer in the distance and the (light) breeze was picking up a notch … but within 5 minutes the sun was back out….

2018-07-30 02Leaving home at 0630, I arrived at the pool, around 0700, being the first to arrive – and also the last it seemed as I saw not a sole all day long, inc cars passing by on the track to the member’s pool, until when driving away at 1545 I passed a mini-saw mill in the wooded area there and saw a chap working there.


2018-07-30 03Arrived, unloaded car and took tackle down to my selected swim – all of 25 yards away – however, if I’d walked round the pool in the opposite direction, to get to the same point it would have been less than 200 yards anyway – as I say, a small pool. But it does contain some reasonably sized fish.


I’d decided to float fish for the day, fishing lift method style with a 4AAA wind/driftbeater float – well, it says 4AAA on the body but in actual fact takes 3SSG to sink the body right to it’s neck and at that point, as the stem is of non-buoyant glass fibre, a single BB is enough to take the float right down to its large sight bob. However, the undercurrent water drift needs to be considered and too light an ‘anchor’ shot can mean that it gets dragged out of position by those currents if too light … so I set up with an SSG anchor shot just above the size 12 hook’s 4” of 6lb braid hooklength with 3SSG shot about 3’ above that and the sliding float set to fish with about 12” of slack line when the anchor shot had settled – placing the rod in two rod rests with the rod tip just under the water’s surface then allowed the line to be tensioned so that the float’s sight bob was just above the water surface meaning the line is completely underwater and free from being dragged by any breeze – and a bite indicated by either the bait and bottom shot being lifted and the float rising in the water or, if the fish swam away with the bait, the float submerging completely. Main line was 6lb mono.

2018-07-30 05As usual, free feed was introduced into the fishing area first thing and then net, scales, camera, baits laid out, etc before setting up up the rod…

But not so usual was my setting out my WaterWolf underwater camera – always take either it or my FishSpy version, sometimes both but then start fishing and can’t be bothered to set it/them out. But last couple of trips I’ve done it before setting up the tackle and its not a problem then – literally takes just 2-3 minutes to get out into the water, and if I’ve spombed/spodded bait out then even quicker as the spomb/spod rod is also the camera rod so just a matter of unclipping the spomb and clipping on the camera. Anyway, as I say, I swung out the WaterWolf just off the edge of an overhanging bush to my left so that it was about 12’ out from the bank. A bit of the video can be seen on YouTube at: Underwater Video… WL1 .

[BTW … in real life, at least where I fish, I don’t usually have the crystal clear waters that others seem to have looking at other YouTube underwater videos… and most of my waters hold carp for a start and as their common nickname of ‘Puddle Pigs’ suggests they are well up for digging up the bottom mud and thus most waters with carp tend to look like chocolate soup. One pool I fish – used to be my favourite as it was carp-free – now has carp stocked and it quickly went from very clear to a chocolate colour with just a few 2-3lb stockies added. Anyway, suffice to say, in such cloudy waters even at 2’-3’ deep the recorded image is far from HD-TV quality due to (a) light from above being quickly filtered out and (b) suspended matter fogging the image even more… and the quality of the raw recorded image at times just appears to be a blank screen of various hues … often times no items can be discerned at all… and thus editing of the video image plays an HUGE part in getting any sort of meaningful end product.

For example, with the WaterWolf, the steps I take are….

  1. Copy the images from the camera’s SD card (32GB – allows around 3-4 hours recording) to my PC’s hard disk. 3 reasons — (a) accessing and working on the files is faster on PC hard disk than directly to SD card, (b) most of the space on the SD card is likely to have been used up and thus little or no space left for storage of processed images and (c) if you mess up and corrupt your original footage then you’ve only messed up a copy – and can restore back from the SD card.
  2. Process the video footage. On the WaterWolf, video is stored as segments of around 1,355,000KB each which equates to around 20 minutes per segment and is stored in a format of .MOV (Apple QuickTime)which is not my favourite and is less universal than the .AVI format – I don’t think Facebook accepts .MOV files but not 100% on that)…. so one thing you need do is convert the format. There are many free/shareware video file re-formatters available from the ‘net… I’ll recommend one in a second…
  3. You’ll also need to process to improve video quality – and its amazing when what looks like just a dirty sheet of paper suddenly becomes a discernible moving image! And then as you change various parameters it can become quite reasonable quality…
  4. OK – software. I use a freeware product called ‘VirtualDub’ (latest version is 1.10.4, I think) – and this covers both items 2 and 3 above – has a number of filters with which image quality can be improved (most useful are Brightness/Contrast, Greyscale, HSV Adjust (Hue, Saturation, Value) and Resize (the original .MOV size isn’t compatible with .AVI format so when saving you need to change…). And it also allows the image to be converted when saving from the original (.MOV) to a number of other types of which .AVI is my preferred choice. Plus, VirtualDub also allows those individual 20 minute segments to be ‘stitched’ together to make 1 continuous movie – and the segments or the full stitched movie can be edited to remove unwanted bits…. Overall a great piece of general video editing software for the requirements here … and its free.  

Anyway, a quickie bit of info there … I’ll not go into the nuts and bolts of how to do it all but if you’re interested in looking into doing something similar then get hold of VD 1.10.4 and have a play – if you get stuck or need help then drop me a ‘Comment’ and I’ll do my best to help and guide….]

OK – back to the day!

I fished 0730 to 1500 – I was intending to be there until probably 1600 but I got into one of ‘those’ terminal tackle tangles whereby the only solution is to cut the line and re-tackle afresh and it didn’t seem worth the rush … and I was looking forward to a long bath soak. So I decided to call it a day and sort out the tackle at a more leisurely pace at home…

Results … 4 tench to 8oz (3 on bread, 1 on worm), 18 rudd to about 3-4oz (5 on bread, 11 on maggot, 2 on worm), and 31 perch to 4-5oz (13 on maggot, 18 on worm) … and not a touch nor nibble at all on sweetcorn or meat.

So, nothing huge really, just a bit of fun and great to be back out there..

Right … so now looking forward to my usual Friday trip … to a place where frustration was in abundance on my last visit … but as they say “fall off your horse then you need to get right back on it…” and besides I’ve a good feeling about it…

Session 32 – Crabbing….

Well, Liz and I did have an hour or so crabbing in Aberdovey on Sunday 22nd July off a sort of small wooden pier.

Had a wonderful time …. NOT!

Spoilt by a group of about 5 ‘yoof-ful’ 15/16 year old brats in wet suits who insisted on jumping off the pier and doing ‘bomb’s over where Liz and I were crabbing. Very brave in the water but not brave enough to climb out to to take up my invitation to be taught some manners – and even shoving one in elicited no more courage being shown…. Mind you, the hard and tough Wolverhampton accent probably put them off! LOL!

Still, Liz and I did catch – and I won the crabbing mantle and crown with a score of 19-18 … and that included a 5 crab bonus I gave Liz as she lost her weight and so took a while for her bait to hit bottom…

An Asian couple were going to cooking up crab stew it seemed as they had a carrier bag full – but were cheating as they were using crab drop nets. All credit though as they returned the smaller ones to grow on….

Session 31 – An Afternoon Session….

Monday 16th July and, as planned, Liz and I set off from the house heading to a club pool (KF-WL2) hoping for some tench action at 1200 … the late start being due to a possible need to fulfil a doctor’s appointment but after speaking to the doctor on a triage call she has booked me to visit her on Friday 20th… but we had decided to do an afternoon/evening session anyway at Liz’s request for a lie-in…

We arrived at the pool – there are actually 2 pools on site – a small ‘pond’ that we allow day tickets on (but full of good sized fish with large perch and double figure carp resident) and a larger members-only pool – and we hadn’t really decided which to fish on arrival but there was more chance of tench in the larger pool so we headed there… but it was good to see the abundant bottom to surface weed in the smaller pool of previous weeks had done the usual suicidal spurt of growth, used up all the available nutrients and died back, so possibly we’ll re-visit it in the near future.

With no-one else on either of the pools we had a free choice of swims and Liz chose her usual location at the shoulder of a spit … and although usually I fish at the end of the spit, this session I decided to fish the other shoulder. And basically the spit shows the location of where the original pool was enlarged … to the right is ‘old’ pool, to the left is ‘new’ pool … so Liz fished ‘new’ and I fished ‘old’ pool..

Liz fished a single rod with frame feeder using sweetcorn, meat and maggot baits whilst I chose to floatfish close to overhanging bushes and out in open water at various times feeding by hand and catapult.

Results were not spectacular – no hoped for tench for either of us – but Liz had a nice perch of 1lb 4oz on meat whilst I had possibly 30 or more mixed perch and roach but apart from 2 perch of 4-6oz and a couple of 3-4oz roach the rest together wouldn’t have made 4oz IMO…

A bit of rain – mainly short light sessions apart from slightly longer and heavier spell of 30 minutes or so.

And we packed in at 1815 … and called in at one of our locals for quick pint on the way back…. would be rude to go past without saying ‘hello’! LOL.

2018-07-16 Liz - 1lb 4oz Perch 01

1lb 4oz Perch – Best Fish Of The Day

As for the future, well, we’re off for a long weekend’s break, camping in Twywn on Saturday 21st and returning on Tuesday 24th. So Friday will be packing and prepping the car ready for the start of the journey and the Tuesday return means I won’t be able to get out again until Friday 28th … which I’ll obviously do but have not decided the what/where/how yet. However, although we’re not taking ‘tackle’, we will be taking our crab lines and undoubtedly be having a few hours crabbing – especially as our usual annual ‘Crab Wars’ earlier in the year was a dismal failure with a 0-0 result….

So the next blog is likely to be a bit ‘crabby’ LOL…. and written on Wednesday 26th … as we are ‘roughing’ it in a 3-man pop-up tent in a location with bare essential services … and writing on a mobile phone, at the best of times, internally hurts a donkey! 😉 So it will be done when we get home, on a proper keyboard, with proper internet connections…

Session 30 – Fishing Is Relaxing??? A Session Of Frustration, Murderous Thoughts … And Hoping I Get Fed Up Of This Malarkey Soon – Well, Until Monday Anyway….

Ok, so I got up at 0445 on a warm but overcast Friday, 13th June (should have realised what day it was!!) and headed off down to a club pool (AA-GH) with bream in mind – although the pool’s main inhabitants are carp up to the low 20’s with bream. roach, rudd, and pike – plus a few perch (literally 1 or 5) that appeared last year. Rumours of tench too but I’ve not seen or heard of one being caught there in my 8 years fishing this pool.

Had breakfast and watched TV until around 0615 and then set off to the pool, arriving at 0645 in air temps of 16’C – officially I think the fishing starts at 0700 if you’re not a night syndicate member but never had a problem with arriving early at this time of the year as there are usually users and members of staff of the venue’s main facility there already … just keep it quiet and unlock, open gates, and re-close again as required by the owners and don’t run over the livestock…

So, down to the pool I went – choosing to fish peg 5, a short walk from the car, instead of a swim diagonally located on the far side – both  can be very good bream swims but I feel the closer swim has a slight advantage at this time of the year….


… so it was a matter then of electing how to fish – and due to carp visibly cruising in the upper layers and outbreaks of bream bubbles rising in the area I decided on two ledger rods – which I set up in the usual style … well, my all rods are carried pre-set up so are virtually always the same and setting up really involves just pushing the rod halves together – main changes are in the length of the ledger tail (easily changed by moving the ledger stops up and down the line done at the waterside) and hook sizes  and BS of lengths (easily changed as I carry ready tied hooklengths)…. So ledgering on pools (gudgeon to carp) is always with 8lb main line. Feeders and leads attach to a 3”-4” rubber sleeved link of 6lb mono terminated with a link swivel on to which they attach … and the link is connected to the main line via a free running large eyed swivel. NOTE: I did use to use plastic ‘run rings’ previously but found the plastic eventually grooved with the line running through and ended up snatching at the line and stopping the free running – probably people who tackle up fresh each outing wouldn’t notice so much as probably a different ring would be used each time but, as I say, my kit(s) are permanently pre-tackled and unless I get broken, etc the same swivel/ring could be in situ for months… and as such be used at least one a week on average for 6-8 hours at a time.

OK… final adjustments made, size 10 hook on one rod baited with worm, size 4 on the other with bread and frame feeders fitted on both loaded with a solid mix of cereal, particles, dead maggots, etc – and first casts were made at 0815 … and all was well in the world at that point with a slight breeze to ruffle the surface, slightly overcast skies – and so very muggy that I had to remove my jacket…. and the first fish of the day came at 0835 … and the *NIGHTMARE* started…

The fish tore off. I lowered my second rod’s tip under the water… but, shortly after, the second rod’s tip started nodding and pulling as the hooked fish wrapped the line around it …. eventually the fish was landed, unhooked, weighed, photographed and released (3lb 2oz  common carp) … and I turned to the job of unwrapping the crossed lines … LIKE HELL! … unwrap? The lines were so badly tangled that the swallows were well and truly trapped within (bird’s nest… get it?) and necessitated the cutting of both lines and the re-tackling them both from scratch… OK, so ‘stuff’ happens … BUT whilst I re-tackled bream foam seemed to stream up in masses in front to me, but before I was able to get a bait out … yep, they’d gone away!

Now, as they say, once is an accident, twice is coincidence and three times carelessness – BUT this EXACT thing (inc bream fizz whilst tackling up, gone by the time I cast in) happened FIVE TIMES to me in landing 6 fish (actually caught 8 but I’ll come to that later) in spite of winding in the second line whilst holding fish on a tight line and other methods of trying to keep the lines apart – and so I just got MORE and MORE frustrated and angry – to the point of intending to look up carp bow’n’arrow fishing clubs in the UK and if none existed then I’d start one of my own – TRUE and not an exaggeration!

Luckily, on the return home I’d settled and relaxed a bit and accepted it as ‘not the best day’s fishing but possibly the worst one YET’…

Anyway, the last two fish caused me not a problem – as after the last crossover/line cut I just tied on a size 4 hook directly to the end of the line of one rod (the other rod was put away) and fished floating bread down by my feet were carp had been making tail patterns on and off over the day – and I had my best fish of the day (and for several weeks) – a common of 8lb 9oz – followed by another one of 2lb 4oz just before I packed in.

One bit of luck though – when cutting lines to disentangle, at one point I cut through, or held on to, the wrong bit of line and lost my entire end tackle on one of the rods inc feeder, etc. A couple or so fish later – tangled again – but when I started trying to make order of the mess I realised I’d got 3 feeders dangling around me ie the lost end tangle had been recovered…

SO … end of day results … 8 common carp … 3lb 2oz (worm), 3lb 14oz (worm), 2lb 14oz (bread), 2lb 15oz (bread),. 2lb 10oz (worm), 3lb 2oz (bread), 8lb 9oz (floating bread), 2lb 4oz (floating bread) … 5 tangled and cut lines … 10 full re-tackles … and a lot of naughty words!

As I was leaving another angler (fished around pegs 1-3, hidden from me by a large tree betwixt us) was heading to his car – he’d arrived after me – about 0930 or so – and he’d had 30 carp up to 12lb or so – the biggest ‘off the deck’ but most on floaters, I think.


Well, tomorrow (Monday 16th June) Liz and I are hoping to have a tench session at a club pool but will be a late start as I need to get a follow-up appointment with my doctor in the morning … so hoping to be able to get away around noon-1230 to get to the pool around 1245-1345, and fish into the evening … and pack up in time for a beer on the way home. Weather got looking too good – light rain forecast from 1100-2100 – so may be cancelled but we’ll see and decide at the time.

Session 29 – Back To ‘Special’ Waters….

Sunday, July 8th and Liz and I were on the road at 0630 on a return trip to the ‘special’ waters that my club get invited annually to fish for a few weekends in return for a charity donation (see Session 25, June 18th, for our details of our first visit earlier this year).

We’ve fished there now for probably the last 6 years when we’ve had the chance – the first year we fished at the near (gate) end of the pool … succeeding sessions, including the June trip this year, we’ve fished the far (dam) end … but for this session we chose to fish a spot about halfway along that faces upon a small island.

The target, usually, for us is tench but the pool also holds carp, bream, perch, roach and rudd. However, the numbers and size of tench we’ve had over the past 2-3 years have diminished somewhat – initially when we went there we’d be catching 5 or more tench in the 2lb-3lb+ range for every carp, now we seem to be getting 10 carp to every tench and the tench are about 8oz…. So, we thought we’d give this new spot a try this time…

And we had company this session unlike the last – and the two guys fished in our old spot at the dam … and seemed to be catching although they were a bit hidden by a large tree between us.

Liz and I set up almost identically – 2 x 1.75lb TC ledger rods (actually Grandeslam Carbon Strike Avon Plus) with 8lb lines and 15 gram frame feeders which we loaded with a thick method-mix type cereal groundbait loaded with particles (hemp, wheat, maize) and dead maggots and wetted with hemp-infused oil(*) and, as I’d prepared a fresh batch of hemp a couple of days ago and kept the water used, the waters from a hemp preparation plus a bit of lake water as required…. The only difference was in our hook sizes and baits in use…

I used a size 6 hook on one rod baited with bread and worm/maggot on the size 8 hook on the other. Liz used maggot on a size 12 hook and sweetcorn and meat on a size 6 hook.

We fished until 1400 – by which time we were beaten by the blazing sunshine – the day was surely the hottest yet with the car registering 32’C inside as we left despite all the car doors and hatch back having been left open… Even the brollies didn’t help much – the ground was so hard that even getting a screw tipped spike to screw down was difficult and even then the brolly fell over after a couple of hours (mid-morning BEFORE the main afternoon heat!). And the temp at 0630 when we left the house was already 21’C. We spotted some strange white phenomena in the blue skies during the day too – I think they were amorphous alien space craft! LOL!

2018-08-07 - Clouds!
Its been weeks since I last saw clouds!

Back to the fishing …. Liz had first blood at 0810 … very soon after our first casts … landing a nice common carp of 5lb 7oz… followed minutes later by my 5lb 6oz one…

Then over the rest of the day, Liz lost a couple of carp to hook pulls but did have 2 small roach and I managed 1 small (ca 6oz tench) plus common carp of 4lb 9oz, 6lb 2oz, 4lb 15oz, 4lb 7oz and 4lb 8oz….

By the way – and you can see in the last three photos – that the water level is quite a bit lower than a full lake. About 18” from the bottom of the overflow pipes in the dam wall but given the current hot, and very dry, spell that doesn’t actually seem too bad. It seemed that the level dropped an inch or two whilst we were there too with a damp line showing where it was… A bit of rain forecast over the next 10 days or so here too – and ‘bit’ I think is the operative word… Local BBC forecast predicts 3 days on which we’ll be getting short and light showers and with temps dropping a degree or two (literally) on those days.

AND SO…. that’s the end of our ‘special’ angling adventures for 2018 – at least at this water – but we hope to return in June/July of 2019 given the chance again. A very nice and serene place – apart from the actual Open House Charity Day (and its Eve) as on day there’s a fun fair, competitions, stalls and a PA in operation and on the eve they’re setting and testing equipment and speakers, etc. That all takes place inside the actual walled grounds of the House but still quite noisy in the surrounding area. We’ve fished an ‘Eve’ previously and made sure we didn’t book that weekend since. The last weekend of our fishing allocation previously coincided with Open Day BUT this year I noticed that the Open Day was timed to happen a few weeks before our allocation started this year….


To be honest … not sure about the coming Friday … the places I’d like to go are getting a bit weedy so need to think about it… Monday … dunno about that either as Liz and I were planning to go tenching BUT I may have to make a doctor’s appointment BUT we’ve decided to have a late start and finish day so I’d probably get seen to before we head out … Tuesday is out of the frame as Liz has an appointment at the ‘ospital late morning…

(*) Hemp-infused Oil
I’ve been a user of hemp oil in my groundbaits for a couple of years or so. I cannot categorically state that it makes any ACTUAL difference but I feel it does and I like the look of rippled water becoming calmer and smooth as the oil rises to the surface – hopefully lifting some of the lighter crumbs up from the bottom to create a visual attraction as per an ‘active’ groundbait. Is ‘hemp’ oil any better than say ‘sunflower ‘ oil which would provide those two elements just as well but cheaper? Well, I’d like to think so … with a slight aroma of ‘hemp’.

The ‘hemp oil’ I’ve used in the past has been sourced from Sainsbury’s at a standard price of £6 per 500ml bottle – and like a lot of ‘specialist’ targetted items – a lot cheaper than brand named ‘hemp oil’ from the angling trade which seems to range from £9-£20 per 500ml. Plus sometimes Sainsbury’s have it on offer at £4 per bottle – and then throw in Liz’s staff discount of 10% (and occasionally 15% or even 20%) and the differential becomes even more marked.

However, I’m not too sure how much the processing of the cooking version of the oil destroys the original ‘chains’ and aromas – does it lose any ‘attractiveness’ in that processing??? So, what I’ve been doing the past 12 months or more is making my own ‘hemp-infused oil’. Basically, I get a 2-3 litre bottle of vegetable oil from the local Asian supermarket and I buy hemp seed in 15Kg bags for particle feed anyway – so I take around 1 litre of the oil and add around 100-200g of ground up hemp seeds by the use of the hand grinder I bought from eBay a while back…

[I used to use a small electrical coffee grinder but I tend to want to crush 1Kg of seeds (wheat, hemp, corn, etc) at a time these days and doing it in 25-50g lots takes ages but the hopper of the manual grinder takes 300g-500g lots and quickly deals with the load – even dry maize which is hard and requires 2-3 passes, each grinding finer than the previous, takes 10-15 minutes]

… and then heat the oil and crushed seeds to around 70’C-75’C and hold at that for about 15 minutes … and then let cool and bottle (oil + crushed seeds)  into a ‘stock’ bottle when hopefully the oil from the hemp seeds has dissipated throughout the veg oil.

For use at the waterside, I take about 200-250ml of the prepped oil/seed with me to add to the groundbait mix at the waterside and generally add about half that bottle after shaking so that oil and crushed seeds are added, the rest being kept back in case I need to mix more groundbait…

Recently, I’ve learnt that the place I get my breadcrumb from – the chap makes breadcrumb commercially for the industry it would seem and he sells 20Kg bags of crumb of all colours for £10-£12 depending on colour – also sells along with pellets and other bait items his own pressed pure hemp oil. I don’t know the details re: cost, etc but its something I’ll enquire about on my next visit there.

Session 28 – Erratum! :(

I’ve just come to update my ‘Big Fish’ file ie the spreadsheet I keep of mine and Liz’s Personal Best In Species … and discovered my ‘new’ bream PB actually wasn’t – but it was the next best thing…. a PB= with a bream of 5lb 12oz that I had at the same place on July 28th 2017…..

2017-07-28 Steve - 5lb 12oz Bream 04

2017-07-28 – 5lb 12oz Bream

Seems that next trip to that venue I’ll need to be looking for my 6+… :).

Session 28 – Warwickshire Avon, Dead Worms, Blazing Sunshine, Hobgoblin – And A New Personal Best.

Monday, July 2nd saw me on a club stretch of the Warwickshire Avon (KF/A/WG) for a first visit of the year in the hope of capturing a new personal best bream – as it was/is probably the best venue I have available to make that a possibility.

As per the recent norm, the weather was hot and sunny with temps getting to around 30’C at its peak – and even on arrival at around 0630 it was more than warm. Luckily, the club has recently gained permission to park in the first of the fields that we lease the water on so I was able to park literally on the waterside. The walk to the river from the original  car parking area wouldn’t have been too bad – downhill and coolest part of the day – but the return journey at 1600, in the full sun and up a quite steep climb, would have been a killer!


I set up my single rod – 12’ feeder rod with quiver tip, 8lb line, size 8 hook and a 15 gram cage feeder which was loaded with a cereal mix along with maize, hemp, dead maggots and about 150ml of hemp infused vegetable oil added before wetting to a stiff mix – and made my first cast at 0710 with worm tipped with a couple of maggots.

And discovered that my worms – and I’d checked them the day before when they had been fine – had seen better days and were limp and comatose. And the heat of the day didn’t help as despite dampening with water and keeping in the shade by the end of the day they were definitely in the afterlife and breaking up when hooking them … HOWEVER … they remained bait of the day as despite giving sweetcorn, meat and bread extended trialling I could not get even a twitch on any of them but dead worm usually elicited at least a twitch or nudge within 10-15 minutes…

0720 first nudge of the tip … 0730 first fish of the day … a chub of around 6oz.

Second fish, at 0740,  was a bream of around 12oz… flowed by a 2lb 4oz bream at 0750 … followed by a chub of around 8oz at 0805…


So, I fished on but the bite rate dropped a little and it was 0925 before the next fish was landed – a bream of around 1lb … followed at 1005 by a bream of 4lb 7oz …. 1225 a bream of 5lb 3oz (only 1oz below my PB!) … and then at 1245 I attained my new PB, a bream of 5lb 12oz (an increase of 8oz from my 1980’s PB) … and then final fish of the day was a perch of around 4oz at 1315 … and then it all went very quiet and I only had small tiny tip twitches, and no fish caught, until I packed up at 1530…


And so, the day ended, but on the the trip home such was the need for a cool and refreshing beverage that a quick stop off was made and a very welcome pint of Hobgoblin quaffed….