Sessions 49-51 – Somerset Holiday Week

On Monday 19th October Liz and I, along with Liz’s brother this year, headed off to our usual October Sun newspaper holiday break – and this year we extended our usual Monday-Friday stay by booking an additional weekend – ie we stayed there from Monday 19th and left on the morning of Monday 26th.  As with the previous three years too our stay was at the Lakeside Holiday Park in Burnham-on-Sea – a site which not only has an on-site fishing pool of 30 pegs that is (a) residents only and (b) free to fish but also has an excellent ambience and excellent evening entertainment led by a brilliant entertainments manager – he actually constructs the sets and scripts/choreographs the materials for the staff show plus comperes/bingo calls/runs the quizzes and other games on the evenings… and he LOVES his job and it shows too!! 😀

Also over the week the three of us combined won £160 on the bingo AND a bottle of wine when we won the Mon-Thurs night quiz league….

Anyway, this is supposed to be a fishing blog so let’s get on topic…

So we arrived on Monday 19th at around 1230, booked in, registered out EA cards at reception for the fishing and, as the caravan wouldn’t be ready until 1500, Liz and brother went to the bar for beers whilst I got out the spinning/lure rod and headed to the pool for a couple of hours. There were a couple of guys already fishing with their bivvies up so I suspect they’d be on the pool overnight as they packed down about half an hour later – but they were back there the following morning at 0700 when I arrived so must have overnighted again. Anyway, I spun and lured for a couple of hours with no joy before heading off to join Liz and Chris in the bar.

Tuesday, 20th, I arrived back at the pool with the pike rods at 0700. I tried ledgered pop-up bluey (Pacific Saury) and smelt deadbaits for 3-4 hours with no joy before swapping to float fished baits (Xmas Tree of red sprats on one rod and a skipjack on the other until 1530 when I packed in for the day. I did have a couple of bobs of a float and an 18” glide against the wind at 1430 on the Xmas Tree rod but that was the only action of the day….

Wednesday was a very wet and windy day and so no fishing took place…

Thursday, 22nd, I headed to the pool again at 0700, this time with the general coarse ledger rods and a selection of baits. I ledgered worm, maggot and sweetcorn until 1230 when I admitted defeat to a rising cold breeze and left the pool after only one small twitch to a worm bait.

And that was the last session on the pool as the weather wasn’t the best on the Friday and we wanted to pop out along the coast to enjoy our other hobby – discount store, market and charity shop perusing… and that was more successful as I acquired around 10 fishing books, a fishing related clock, 2 John Wilson DVD sets, a Matt Hayes DVD, and fishing socks…. plus a ‘Just William’ 15 story compendium.

Anyway, home now and prepping for my next water’s edge visit on Friday and planning to be a pike fishing session at Pike Pool 24.

Oh, and I did have one mishap at Lakeside… wore my padded bib&braces and knelt on the edge of one of the fishing platforms whilst baiting my hook… as I stood up a loose end of the chicken wire on the platform used to stop slipping caught in the fabric and …RRRIIIIPPPPPP!!!.. big hole in the leg! Anyway, they got binned and a new pair was purchased from Fishing Republic via Amazon and they’d arrived when we got home yesterday… great they are but possibly XXL may have been big enough rather than the XXXL I actually bought (and the usual size of clothing I buy – I’m 16 stone, 5’10” and 46”+ chest) – but plenty of room for jumpers, etc underneath although they are exceptionally well padded anyway… and they also have wide zipped bottoms, which my original set didn’t, so I should be able to put on/off without removing boots as I’ve needed to do before…


0800: Air 11.1C, Water 13.1C
1540: Air 14.8C, Water 13.2C

0730: Air 13.4C, Water 13.8C
1300: Air 14.9C, Water 13.9C


ScreenHunter_64 Oct. 27 11.45

Session 48 – First Pike Session Of The New Season

As anyone who has read my blogs over a time will know I’m a ‘traditional’ piker in terms of when I actually fish for pike – for me the pike season starts on 1st October and stretches through until the 31st March… OK, so the original trad season originally ended on March 14th in line with the old general coarse season when that ran from 15th March to the 15th June and all coarse fishing was off limits, but nowadays coarse fishing is an all year round activity on still waters (bar a few eg sites of SSI and places that the owner applies his/her/their own closure of the waters) and so I stretch the season to include the whole of March. Mind you, October-March my fishing is almost 100% pike focussed with very few sessions whereby I head out with other other species in mind – usually those being perch/chub/pike lure sessions on the canal.

And so it was that on Friday October 16th that I set off to Pike Pool 1 armed with the pike rods (2 float, 2 leger and 1 spinning) and a coolbox of mixed deadbaits (pollan, natural sprats, red dyed sprats, sardines, blueys, jacks and smelt) – as usual a bit of overkill in terms of kit and baits as I only used the float rods and the sprats (natural and dyed) and the jacks.

The day itself was good – slight ripple, moderate temps, water clear – and I arrived on the car park at around 0800 and first casts made around 0900.

The two float rods were put in to operation with 40lb red greased braid, 15g cigar floats weighted with small bullet weights, and wire traces fitted with size 6 and 8 trebles. Original baits were a Xmas Tree of sprats on one rod (3 natural sprats, 2 red sprats) and a double natural sprat bait on the other and these were fished for several hours, twitching every 5-10 minutes and were both fished out in open water, close in under overhanging bushes and within a few feet of the bank and at varying depths from 3’ to laying-on/dragging the bottom – the water depths varying from 4’ at the bank to 11’ 3 rod lengths out – in fact, further out the max water depth drops to 40’ in a series of vertical drops/rises…

After 3 hours I decided to try a change of bait on the Xmas Tree rod before packing in at 1330 and so I put on a jack mounted to hang horizontally and fished on as before – and as usual the 1330 finish became extended in the usual ‘one last cast’, ‘give it to quarter to..’, ‘def last cast’, ‘’quarter past’, etc and, in fact, it was 1500 when I finally packed up having snapped one trace earlier when pulling for a break on a bush that I’d become entangled in – good thing is that although trace itself was visible in the bush it had snapped at the swivel and hence I got the rest of the end tackle back in good shape and even more pleasing was that the bait had fallen from the hooks and so no wildlife was going to grab it and get hooked up…

Anyway, in the 6 hours of fishing I had not one nudge/knock/dip or any other indication of interest in my baits – not even from the chub that usually play about with deadbaits – although they appear to have a preference for smelt which I didn’t actually use… basically due to some perversion of thought really… too good a bait to waste with fish taking them…. LOL!

Anyway, that’s it now for this week … hopefully more action will be had next week… 🙂


0915: Air 11.6C, Water 13.0C
1500: Air 12.7C, Water 13.0C


ScreenHunter_62 Oct. 17 12.49

Session 47 – A Day On The Silvers/Tench Pool

Friday October 2nd, I set off accompanied by Phil, Liz’s dad – her parents are visiting us from Cyprus currently – over to the silvers/tench pool in Staffs arriving at around 0800.

A beautiful calm day with a bit of fish action spotted as we arrived gave the impression we could be in for a good day. There were still a lot of drifting leaves about though which at times were a bit of a nuisance.

We both fished on the float until 1530 and despite initial hopes the day was very quiet with a few ‘nibbly’ bites and at the end of the day we both had had one perch of a few ounces on maggot, and Phil also managed a barbel of around 2lb taken on a piece of breadflake.

Not sure when I/we will get out again – had planned a ‘family day’ on the waterside but the forecast for next week is not too good so maybe that will go by-the-by….

Other than that, I think Friday October 16th will be the next chance to get out – and, if so, will be my first pike session of the new pike ‘season’…..

Monday, 19th October, we head off for a week’s holiday in Somerset at a holiday camp that has its own resident’s only fishing pool so hoping to get several days on there… 🙂