Session 46 – Spinning And Wobbling Along The Canal Like A Morris Dancer On Heat Then Lured By The Pool…

Tuesday 22nd September, and I headed off for a spinning/lure/wobble session on the Shropshire Union Canal arriving around 0815 and fishing there until around 1200 when boat traffic started to build up a bit – but not that bad I’d have normally have given up at that time – the main reason really being the breeze that started up a little earlier which started to cover the surface with falling leaves from the trees and which, combined with the water movements caused by the boats, meant that spinning without catching line or hook or both on a leaf became very difficult and so I decided at that point to pop to one of the club pool’s for a short lure session…

2015-09-22 02 2015-09-22 01

So, on the canal, I fished for about three-quarters of a mile up the stretch (the stretch available being a mile and a quarter), and managed one fish, a 2lb 13oz chub, taken on a silver with red/green patterning oval leaf spinner about 45 minutes into the session … I had a few tugs too but nothing else was connected to. On the return journey I thought I’d try out the new wobble traces that I’d made up the other day – and discovered a mistake, the ‘throat weight’ that inserts into the bait’s mouth was connected with braid to the end treble when it should have in fact have been connected to the central hook – however, all was ok as the braid link was long enough to cope as it was and thus I was able to fish on with it… anyway, all seemed to fish ok apart from no response from the fish…

2015-09-22 Steve 2lb 13oz Chub

2lb 13oz Chub

Anyway, arriving back at the car I decided to pop to the pike pool as it was on the way home for a few casts with the wobble tackle and to try out a Savage Gear Soft 4Play lure… which I did spending around 40 minutes there but had no joy with either method.

Finally I decided to pop to another of the club’s pools to see the situation there – it’s a pool of about 1.5 acres that the farmer uses to irrigate his crops in dry weather – and with the dry weather of this year he needed to do so again it seems – and the water level had fallen by around 4’ to 5’ recently looking at photos that have been made available. Anyway, the situation seems slightly improved now after the wetter periods that have been but still the water seems to be 3’ or so shy of full….  The pool level dropped, but maybe not quite as much as this time, in 2011 but was back to normal by December of that year IIRC. In fact, I’ve not fished there for quite a time for a couple of reasons …. 1. a sudden appearance of 6oz carp and tench made fishing a maddening experience by attacking the bait before it settled and nibbling away even boilies within 10 minutes – and not just in ‘areas’, wherever you cast – side, middle, etc. and 2. my main reason, before the pool level dropped so badly in 2011 there was a patch of lily pads that seemed to hold some nice perch but the water level dropped so badly that the lily pad area dried out and the lilies died and even now have not returned – and with the loss of the lilies the perch disappeared too and I never caught even one perch in the two years following…

Session 45 – Perch And Barbel

Friday 18th September, and I headed, accompanied by Liz this time, back to the tench/silvers pool. Setting off a little later than usual due to Liz having an early morning appointment with the doctor to attend and this, plus the off-to-work traffic, meant that we arrived at the pool at around 0945. However, even at this time of day, we were the only people there then although later in the day three more cars arrived but even then the anglers were intending fishing the adjoining carp/chub pool.

All-in-all it was a glorious day, warm with sunshine, despite two or three short showers around 1430 onwards…

2015-09-18 Peg 12

We set up around our usual area albeit not in our usual swims… and as it was a breeze free day with the water surface perfectly calm, as can be seen in the photo above, we both chose to float fish using the laying-on method.

For baits I started off using maggot and/or worm on a size 12 hook and Liz used maggot and sweetcorn on a 16…

I was getting small knocks to start with but no bites of substance and so eventually I changed down to a size 16 hook with 2 or 3 maggots as bait which started to catch – but only small perch of up to 2-3oz until I had a barbel of 2lb 5oz (my best barbel from this venue).

However, next cast after landing the barbel I over-did it and the line/float ended up in the brambles on the island against which I was fishing – and stayed there when the line parted on trying to recover them…. and so I took the opportunity of the clean slate to re-tackle with a lighter waggler float with the bait fished on the drop… and I started to catch at a greater rate albeit only more small perch…

Liz managed one small perch, and literally within 2 minutes of the landing of my barbel, she too landed a barbel of 1lb 9oz which she thought was a new PB for her – but checking the records since it seems that she had a 1lb 14oz from the same venue last year…

End of the day tally was 20 small perch and the 1 barbel to me, 1 perch and 1 barbel for Liz when we packed up at 1630, tackled down and headed to the Beacon Hotel for well needed pints of Sarah Hughes’ finest ales…

2lb 5oz Barbel

2lb 5oz Barbel

1lb 9oz Barbel

1lb 9oz Barbel


1030: Air 16.5C, Water 14.4C
1645: Air 20.1C, Water 15.7C

ScreenHunter_61 Sep. 19 13.03

Session 44 – Return To Old Waters II

Friday 11th September, I visit another of my ‘old’ club’s venues (B&O) – there are actually two pools on the site – a tench/silvers pool and a carp/chub pool but I was set to fish the tench/silvers pool. I’ve not fished the carp pool much – and I’ve only had one ‘proper’ session on there in my four years of club membership, the other visits being for an hour or so after fishing the tench/silvers pool and before heading home as I’m not a great lover and prefer other species and besides which the tench/silvers pool is far more scenic….

2015-09-11 08 2015-09-11 01 2015-09-11 02 2015-09-11 03 2015-09-11 04 2015-09-11 05

2015-09-11 07

2015-09-11 06

It had been planned for this pool to be dredged but it didn’t seem as this has happened yet and there are aerators planned to sit on the two ‘islands’ placed in the pool early June but they don’t seem to have been installed yet either. However, the planned carp feeder seems to be in place and running on the island in the carp pool…

2015-09-11 Carp Feeder 01

Anyway, I arrived at the pool at around 0745 to find no-one else there – and it remained so all day long until I left at 1615 – and after the usual preliminaries I was set up and casting in at around 0830 having chosen to fish the extreme top end of the pool facing down to the island – in the picture group above, in the bottom but one photo I was fishing from the bank to the left of the photo over to the island on the right hand side.

It was then I discovered that (a) I’d forgotten my wallet (luckily it wasn’t needed) and (b) that I’d forgotten to replace the memory card back in the camera after copying off the pictures from the previous trip – and the camera has no internal memory of its own and so is useless without a memory card installed – however, I did have my two mobiles with me (my ‘best’ one kept in the car, and my ‘fishing’ one that is really an old phone with a PAYG card installed so that dropping into pool or losing is not a major catastrophe) so some sort of photos could be taken.

And so, I used two ledger rods – 8lb line, size 6 barbless hooks, 1/3oz leads – and tried bread, meat, prawn and sweetcorn for bait. However, only meat enticed any sort of attention at all with only a handful of nudges and two or three proper bites over the whole day even on that – but I did manage to convert one take into a fish – a 1lb 9oz barbel.

2015-09-11 Steve 1lb 9oz Barbel 02

1lb 9oz Barbel


Air:  13.6C at 0900, 17.3C at 1600
Water: 15.5C at 0900, 14.9C at 1600

ScreenHunter_56 Sep. 12 09.13

Session 43 – Return To Old Waters

On Tuesday, 8th September, I set off to visit one of my ‘old’ club’s pools (GH) not having been on any of those waters since mid-June arriving around 0745.

2015-09-08 01

I arrived to a very misty environment, and even the tree on the island you can see in the photo was barely discernable at that time – and the air temp was just 10C.

I was baited/tackled up/cast out by 0815, fishing two leger rods both with 8lb line and size 6 hooks. One rod cast out about 4-5 rod lengths straight out and baited with meat or cheesepaste, the other rod out on the edge of an overhanging tree to the right with prawn as the bait… the prawn rod was really my ‘main’ rod of the session as I was hoping for perch and chub, as good fish of those species are in that area.

I packed in 1430 – earlier than I had planned – mainly due to the temperatures. I was facing directly in to the breeze and even though air temps did rise a little it just seemed to get cooler and cooler – and I was dressed for ‘autumn’ rather than ‘winter’ fishing….

Anyway, I did catch plus lost 3 fish on hook pulls and missed several ‘unmissable’ bobbin-smashing-to-the-butt-and-reel-unwinding’ takes…

Catch: 3 x common carp (2-15 [meat], 3-04 [prawn] and 3-01 [meat]) plus a bream of 1-10 [cheesepaste].

2015-09-08 Steve 2lb 15oz Common Carp

2lb 15oz Common Carp

2015-09-08 Steve 3lb 4oz Common Carp

3lb 4oz Common Carp


2015-09-08 Steve 1lb 10oz Bream

1lb 10oz Bream


Air:  10C rising to 13.6C
Water: 16.5C rising to 16.7C

ScreenHunter_55 Sep. 09 08.34

Session 42 – Mixed Bags – Fish And Fortunes

It was Friday, 4th September when Liz and I returned to the mixed species pool that I’d fished on the previous session earlier in the week on the Monday.

An enjoyable day in the middle section ie when actually fishing but arrival and (especially) departure were sobering experiences…. so lets’s get those over and done with before concentrating on the actual fishing part of the day…

The forecast for the day had been for it to be dry but overcast over the day…
Wrong… on arrival there were dark clouds and a definite heavy precipitation appearing on the windscreen. So, we waited in the car for a while and the rain slowed, stopped, re-started and continued in such a vein for about 30 minutes or so – and then blue skies appeared on the horizon reaching us after another few minutes. At this point we went for it… and it turned out, weatherwise, far better in reality than the forecast all day cloudy skies in that we actually had a good deal of blue sky and at times good sunshine too. A couple of short showers intervened over the fishing period but they were a minor inconvenience really…

The REAL disaster of the day….
We had started to pack up the tackle at 1600 planning to stop off for a beer on the way home and so had arrived back at the car, loaded up the tackle and jumped in to drive off at around 1700 …. I turned the key in the ignition, engine turned over but fail to start… repeated attempts, same result. SO after a period of meditation we decided we needed help  … and being a Green Flag member there was only one option open to us… to ring them for recovery which we did about 1730. Anyway, Friday appears to be a busy night or so we were told (but I suspect the other six nights of the week you get informed the same) and it would be an hour or so before anyone would get to us… an hour later we did get a message to say the van was on its way… but another hour later still no-one had arrived nor had any further info had been received… so we rang Green Flag back to get an update, they contacted the garage, who then contacted the driver of the van, who then contacted us (all within 15 minutes) to say he couldn’t locate us… Fair enough, as the pool is in a very remote area down 2 miles or more of country lanes and is actually 2 fields in from an un-named lane. But suspecting such difficulty I managed to get on to the angling club’s Facebook page via my mobile phone (networking signal was very poor too!) and posted requesting help with any postcode/co-ordinates that could be used to locate us by SatNav and quite quickly there was a response by a member with details from Google Earth including the lat/long co-ordinates of the gate to the pool. We passed these to the van man but shortly after had a phone call from him to say his SN didn’t take the figures in the format supplied and was there any way to get to a nearby house to ask for their postcode… Well, there was a farmhouse about a 10-15 minute walk down the lane and so headed there, the lady gave me the necessary information which I relayed to the van – and so, after another 15 minutes the van arrived with us!! OK… then the guy did his bit twiddling bits and connecting up his computer diagnostics reader, etc and after another 20 mins or so declared he had no idea what was up – no faults recorded on the in-car computer, and everything mechanically/electronically was doing what it should and there was no reason as he could fathom as to why it wouldn’t start up… and so we ended up in the Green Flag van, with the car on the trailer at the back being brought back home … and arriving here just a little pre-2200!! 8 hours after packing up our tackle! SO… with Liz due in early work today (Sat 5th) it was a case of feet up with a coffee (we should not have thrown out the coffee in our flasks when we tackled down, lesson learnt – next time the coffee will be kept until we get home!), watched the evening’s recording of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ and then off to bed. So it was a long day but at least we got home before daybreak…

POSTSCRIPT – tried the car again this morning ‘just in case’-  but still the fault existed. And then I had a ‘brainwave’ – from where I don’t know but something clicked in my mind about immobilisers – so I went and found out the spare key and tried that – and lo and behold the car started first turn of the key! Re-tries – original key won’t start but spare key starts every time. So it would seem that the  problem lies in the key’s immobiliser chip rather than car itself! Anyway, been to my local garage and had a word with them and I’m taking the car in on Monday and they’ll have a quick look to see if there’s anything they can do but said most likely I would need to go to a Ford place to get the key looked at or replaced. In my user manual it says that keys can be self-programmed in the car itself BUT it requires 2 working keys to make it happen – and I’ve only 2 keys in all and one of them (the one that needs re-programming) is not working. And while I was at the garage I’ve booked the car in for its annual service which is due at the end of September anyway but needs doing early as we are expecting guests at that time from abroad and also the week after they leave us we ourselves are on holiday and I want it done before we go…

POST-POSTSCRIPT – well, it transpired that whilst fishing I got my car key, which was hanging off my belt,  jammed in my chair and as I stood up the 2 halves of the key separated. As it splits to change the battery I hadn’t damaged the key per se so I just pushed the 2 halves together and carried on fishing. HOWEVER, what I hadn’t realised at the time was that the tiny immobiliser chip that’s embedded in the key had fallen from its mounting and had been lost in the grass – not that knowing that at the time would have been useful anyway – looking for something 1mm by 0.5mm in trodden grass would have been less fruitful than the proverbial needle in the haystack? Anyway, a key devoid of this chip will turn the engine over, and indeed start it for 1 second or so but then the engine just dies out… 

Anyway, so let’s talk of the fishing now 🙂

And so, it was around 0900 that we eventually started fishing, having waited for the bad weather to pass, walked to the swims and having done all our pre-casting in preps. We both fished 2 leger rods, Liz with small open end feeders with red groundbait laced with particles and maggots and with varying baits inc meat, sausage, sweetcorn and maggot and myself used straight leger rigs with 1/3oz weights and on one rod used a size 12 hook baited with worm, maggot, cockle at varying times and on the other a size 6 hook with baits varying between bread, 3-year-old cheesepaste, prawn and meat for the main part.

Sport was fairly consistent throughout the day with various species were landed between us.


  • Roach, 4oz, meat
  • Mirror Carp, 2lb 2oz, sweetcorn


  • Common Carp, 2lb 3oz, meat
  • Perch, tiny, cockle/maggot
  • Chub, 2lb 11oz, prawn
  • Perch, ca 8oz, prawn
  • Perch, tiny, worm/maggot
  • Gudgeon, worm
  • Perch, tiny, worm

A few other bites were missed by us and a couple of escapees were also encountered… and plenty of carp were interested in the marshmallows that I catapulted out from time to time but we didn’t bother trying for them…

2lb 2oz Mirror Carp

2lb 2oz Mirror Carp

2lb 11oz Chub

2lb 11oz Chub

Session 41 – Mixed Bag

Tuesday 1st September saw me heading off to a mixed fishery (VV)… and indeed not the pool I’d intended to fish the day before due to weather conditions and the forecast weather for the day itself. The original venue tends to be muddy normally and after heavy rain on the previous day. And the forecast (wrongly as it happened as it turned out to be a really beautiful day) for more of the same wasn’t the best scenario imaginable due to swim locations and setting up brollies, etc.

But as I said the forecast turned out to be way off the mark and on arrival at 0630…

2015-09-01 01

… and as the sun rose…

2015-09-01 05

And it would have been a good day for the float rod …. BUT, due to that forecast, I’d been expecting to be sitting under my shelter most of the day and so I only took my leger rods and had taken the float rod out. And so it was two rods on the alarms for the day, fishing 8lb line with 1/3oz leads on each – and one baited with worm and maggot on a size 12 hook and the other with various baits over the day on a size 6 – meat, prawn, and sweetcorn all tried.

Anyway, plenty of fish landed although nothing of note – and, in fact, most were in the ‘tiny’ category – ‘tiny’ being defined as 1oz or less, ‘small’ as 1oz-4oz) – a summary follows later.

Sweetcorn failed to get a single nibble, meat resulted in many knocks/nudges and was being nibbled away by the smaller fish in general, prawn resulted in some really good screaming takes … and worm and maggot by far took the most fish.

Anyway, being September now its time to start recording temperatures of air and water again ….
Air temp at 0600 was 10.5C, 0900 was 17C, midday (in direct sun) was 33C
Water temp rose from 17.1 at 0900 to 19C at 1600.

Catch list:

Common Carp ca 2lb – worm/maggot
Common Carp 3lb 4oz – prawn
Common Carp 2lb 15oz – meat
Brown Goldfish 1lb 2oz – worm/maggot
Perch 12oz – prawn
Bream 12oz – worm/maggot

4 gudgeon – worm/maggot
14 tiny perch – worm/maggot
1 small perch – worm/maggot
1 small roach – worm/maggot

12oz Bream

12oz Bream

12oz Perch

12oz Perch (very pale in colour)

2lb 15oz Common Carp

2lb 15oz Common Carp

3lb 4oz Common Carp

3lb 4oz Common Carp

1lb 2oz Brown Goldfish

1lb 2oz Brown Goldfish