Session 35 – Return To Big Pool

Friday 24th July saw a return to Dudmaston Hall’s Big Pool for the second visit of the week….

Weather forecast for the day wasn’t very good – and turned out to be correct unfortunately – and although it was OK as I left the house a few spots of rain first fell about a mile from the venue but I was fortunate enough to be able to get the brolly up before the heaviest started to fall.

I arrived at the car park at around 0615, unpacked the car and headed to the waterside – targeting the same swim as the earlier session of the week. I noted another car on the car park – and spotted the angler on the opposite bank when I got to the water.

On arrival at the swim at around 0630 the usual swim-baiting was performed and the tackle set up – two ledger rods on alarms, one with a size 12 hook baited with dendrobaena worm and tipped with maggot, the other with a size 6 with bread and hot chilli frankfurter sausage pieces as bait.

I actually started fishing at around 0715 and very shortly landed the first of three small perch, and during the rest of the session until I packed in at 1300, being very wet and starting to shiver, I had two tench of 3lb 9oz and 3lb 1oz all on the worm rod. I did have several takes on bread too, one of which was connected with on the strike but I then suffered a hook pull and I also had a small roach foul hooked in the side on the bread rod too. Chili sausage elicited a few nudges but nothing of note….

Most of the ‘action’ occurred between 0700 and 1000, and between 1000 and 1300 I had only 3 nudges in total on both rods – hence why I packed in early having intended to stay until 1600 or thereabouts initially, that and the shivering – prudence and valour and all that – live/stay fit to fish another day, or more exactly, fish on Monday. Probably at one of my other club’s pools – pools that I’ve neglected since becoming a Kinver Freeliner so a revisit will be good 🙂

2015-07-24 Steve 3lb 9oz Tench

3lb 9oz Tench

2015-07-24 Steve 3lb 1oz Tench

3lb 1oz Tench

Session 34 – Back To Big Pool

Tuesday 21st July and I was back on the banks of Dudmaston Hall’s Big Pool but in a new swim – previously I’d fished the same swim but this time I decided to wander further along the bank…

As usual, I baited up with the usual mix pre-tackling up and station creation, and even as I put my rods together the waters in front of me were already fizzing with tench bubbles as it they had been fed a decent dose of Alka Seltzer…

My baits of the day were the usual dendrobaena worm, maggot and bread – and also for a time I tried cubes of chopped ham with pork (like bacon grill I find this product slightly superior to the generic ‘luncheon meat’ being stiffer and less fatty).

As the forecast for the day was wind and some rain I elected to fish two leger rods on alarms and pre-installed my brolly ready for the adverse conditions although at my 0600 arrival it was an absolutely gorgeous morning – however, the forecast did prove correct in that periods of bright blue skies were interspersed with periods of wind and rain.

I actually started fishing at around 0730 and was almost immediately having bites and soon landed the first fish of the day – a perch of around 8oz. Then over the course of the rest of the day I landed several perch of similar size plus a couple of rudd plus 3 tench….

2015-07-21 Steve 3lb 9oz Tench

3lb 9oz Tench

2015-07-21 Steve 3lb 11oz Tench

3lb 11oz Tench

4lb 0oz Tench

4lb 0oz Tench

The 4lb fish was nice BUT my PB tench is 4lb 1oz – and this 4lb 0oz’er must be the 10th one I’ve had … in fact, my first 4-00 was my PB for about 10 minutes, caught last season, but then I had the 4-01… am I ever going to get a 4-02 or better?? LOL! Well, my new set of Wychwood T-Bar scales arrived in this morning’s post so I’m hoping that new scales = bigger fish!! 🙂

A few other things about this outing:

  1. NOISY!!! Yep, first day of the school holidays and it seemed that the entire population of parents had descended with their kids to visit the Hall and grounds… luckily, I was not accosted by the people who see an angler and get overcome with that urge to chat and ask ’Caught anything?…’
  2. Listerine is not a deterrent to sand flies or midges. I read somewhere that it was an ace repellent for the critters and so I have some in a spray bottle… but can tell you not to bother. Myself, I’m going back to my normal homemade citronella/cedarwood/camphor oil mix.
  3. Two swans and their now sole cygnet, they did have three but down to one now, were in front of me ie 10-12 feet in front, for a good hour and a half as the cygnet decided that the water under my rod tops was a good place to harvest the bottom for food… and the parents, I think, saw me as a threat and started hissing and wing waving and I responded in similar fashion by hissing back, rising to my full height and arm waving back – and so a good old Mexican Standoff ensued for that hour and a half! LOL!

So, plans are now that tomorrow (Friday 24th, as I’m writing this on Thursday 23rd) I’m back off to the Big Pool in search of that 4-02+ tench… then next week I’ll be having a Monday outing instead of my usual Tuesday one as on the Tuesday we’ve tickets for Alton Towers.. should be a good day bar the fact that the Smiler’s still shut down :(… so my Monday trip will be one of three venues and undecided on which one at the mo… and similarly next Friday I’ll be out, venue undecided too.

Session 33 – Re-View’ing With Liz

Friday 17th July 2015 I returned to Valley View with Liz on a day forecast to be dry albeit windy… the dry bit was slightly wrong in that we did have a few drops of drizzle… but the windy bit was SO true… actually quite a heavy breeze… but we chose our swims accordingly so that a line of bushy conifers lay at our backs between us and the main force.

We arrived at around 0800 and found one other angler already there, another angler arrived probably around 0930 and left around 1300 just as couple arrived…. and we tackled down at 1630 and headed to the Round Oak at Wombourne and then to the Navigation at Greensforge for a couple of beers on the way home…

I fished mainly on the float, laying-on/lift method, using worm, sweetcorn and bread, but also had a few short sessions on a floating bread setup.

Liz fished one rod with swimfeeder (filled with groundbait) and sweetcorn as bait…

Results of the day…

Liz had a 2lb 8oz common carp, a gudgeon and a number of nice sized roach and also suffered a hook pull on what would probably have been her best fish of the day…

2015-07-17 Liz 2lb 8oz Carp

Liz With 2lb 8oz Common Carp

Myself, I had tench of 2lb 8oz (worm) and 2lb 0oz tench (bread), bream of 2lb 0oz and 2lb 11oz (both bread), common carp 2lb 0oz (bread) and a chub of 2lb 9oz (floating bread)… and I too also suffered a hook pull on what would probably have been my day’s best fish which took floating bread… however, after the 2lb carp fought WELL above its weight (we were expecting a good 5-6lb fish at LEAST to come to the net given how long it took to surrender)!

2015-07-17 Steve 2lb 11oz Bream 02

2lb 11oz Bream


Session 32 – New Venue IV

Tuesday 13th July 2015 and I was at yet another new venue for me – Valley View Pool, a Kinver Freeliner’s members only water.

The morning was a sort of misty/drizzly (aka ‘mizzly’) one that necessitated the use of a brolly – and gave me chance to try out my new Dinsmore’s screw-in brolly spike….

Brolly Spike

Dinsmore’s Screw-in Brolly Spike

…that replaces the standard spike section supplied as standard and allows the brolly to be able to be set up almost anywhere regardless of the hardness of the ground – comes with a bar to aid with the screwing too. And it worked well… quite impressed! No more mallets and pounding, often to little avail anyway, for me! 🙂

2015-07-14 01

A Mizzly Morning

First impressions of the pool was how nice looking it was despite the weather – a designer pool really with platforms all around and small promontaries and with three islands in the pool. Also it is a stocked pool with many species present – barbel, chub, goldfish, carp, crucian carp, gudgeon, perch, roach, rudd – with fish of good size (chub up to 7lb, perch of 4lb, etc). It’s not a large pool and the number of anglers at any one time are limited to six….

So, given the weather and the likelihood of under-brolly fishing, I veered from my would have preferred float fishing and instead set up two ledger rods on buzzers, main baits of the day being worm, maggot and bread…

[NOTE: the NEW spelling of ‘ledger’ – in the past I’ve always used ‘leger’. It was mentioned by a mate of mine that he’d looked up the spelling and found that ‘leger’ was defined as an accounting document, and ‘ledger’ was defined as fishing with a weight  holding the line/bait on the bottom. When I looked myself it seemed to me that both spellings were actually used interchangeably for both uses… and so I went and referred to the ‘Angling Master’s and their writings – ie Dick Walker, Chris Yates, John Wilson and Bernhard Venables in his Mr Crabtree personna – and discovered without fail that all four used the ‘ledger’ spelling… and hence I revert to their combined wisdom henceforth….]

So I fished from around 0800 until I wound in for my final time at 1530… and over the course of the day I had many small, nay tiny, perch, what I originally took to be a 12oz crucian carp – but on later checking is in fact a brown fantail goldfish…

12oz Brown Goldfish

12oz Brown Goldfish

… two common carp of 2lb 10oz and 3lb 10oz, a small rudd and a roach of around 8oz… and for the final hour of my time I switched to a floating crust set up as carp were actively taking pieces of bread and crust that I  had introduced and which had blown into the corner of the pool to my right … and were attacking the ducks that had also gathered in the area attracted by that bread… a duck would approach the area of the bread and a ‘V’ wave would appear heading towards it… and as it passed a tail would rise from the water and give the duck a good smack!! Anyway, the result of the floated bread fishing was a nice mirror carp of 6lb 2oz taken on the last cast of the day…

6lb 2oz Mirror Carp

6lb 2oz Mirror Carp

Session 31 – Promising Starts…

Tuesday 7th July 2015 and I was back at Dudmaston Hall’s Big Pool for a second visit arriving at around 0630…. This time with a lightened tackle load – no barrow, no big bags, etc just my Wychwood rucksack, small Puma bag, light chair, 18 litre bucket and my 5-rod quiver with 4 rods…. and the journey from car park to water was far easier plus the return journey that had previously necessitated making the trip in sections taking half my tackle 50 yards and then walking back for the rest and thus working my way slowly back to the car but still risking heart attacks, became a one stop for a couple of minutes type journey.

2015-07-07 01 2015-07-07 02

The weather for the day was forecast mixable with rain and sunshine and so I elected to use, rather than my usual laying-on method with the float rod, two rods legered on alarms… 1.75lb TC Avon Barbel rods with 8lb line and size 12 barbless hooks. Baits of the day were maggot and worm.

So arriving at my chosen swim (the same swim as my previous visit) the usual baiting up was performed and tackle set out before the first cast was made at 0730. And first fish of the day was landed within five minutes, a nice tench of 3lb 13oz…

2015-07-07 Steve 3lb 13oz Tench

3lb 13oz Tench

And so it seemed to be the start of a good day… but by my packing up time at 1500 I had only two more tench of 2lb 4oz and 2lb 11oz…. plus a couple of small perch and a couple of small rudd…

2015-07-07 Steve 2lb 4oz Tench

2lb 4oz Tench

2015-07-07 Steve 2lb 11oz Tench

2lb 11oz Tench

Weather, as expected, was mixable and, as usual, when starting to pack up sky was blue and cloudless but halfway through the process, and after putting the brolly away, the skies darkened and the heaviest shower of the day occurred leaving me soaked… and on arrival back at the car it was back to the blue skies….

Session 30 – Back To The Lodges

Friday 3rd July 2015 – and Liz and I headed back to Woodland Lodge (Pool 2 – Member’s Only) arriving a little before 0800 and, as the only souls there – as we were all day long – we got on to our intended pegs with ease. The particular swims were chosen as they are at the more featuresome end of the pool with an island and overhanging vegetation – and it is the oldest part of the pool, the rest of the pool being a relatively recent emlargement that is devoid of bushes, etc and far more open. And also, being a scorchingly hot day, the trees behind us gave us respite from the sun’s direct rays.

2015-07-03 01

So swims were baited up, stations set up and rods tackled and baited and firsts casts were made around 0830…

And first blood of the day came to Liz with a super-gudgeon taken on feeder and maggot…

2015-07-03 Liz Gudgeon 02 2015-07-03 Liz Gudgeon 01

And over the rest of the day Liz also had small perch and an eel – which I taught her to mesmerise for unhooking..

Myself, legering worm and maggot baits, had 3 eels (best 8-10oz), many perch (to about 8-10oz) and a couple of small roach.

So nothing big but a very enjoyable day – and it was made even more so by the stopping at The Fox at Shipley for a couple of pints of Wychwood’s Hobgoblin Gold…. 🙂

My next outing is planned for Tuesday 7th …not sure where yet though… deciding on whether to re-visit Dudmaston Big Pool or a water that I’ve not yet been to…