Session 62 – Elusive Pike – AGAIN!!!

Monday 16th December 2013 and I was back at the pike pool (GH) full of hope….
Weather was a bit wet and windy whilst fishing – and blowing in my face.

Floatfished 2 deadbaits from peg 21 from 0930 until 1230 when I had to cut the session short as I needed to deal with a forgotten job back home – pay the balance for our Wetherspoon’s Xmas Day lunch!! 😀 Last day for the payment to be made.

Deadbaits were a sprat on one rod, and a sea bream of around 12oz  on the other.

Anyway, in the few hours I fished I had not one touch again… and usually the wind blows from the opposite direction ie I chose the swim on that basis but the wind direction changed completely… and to top it off the wind and rain stopped as I was walking back to the car and the pool looked like a mill pond!!

I sent out the R/C boat with the fishfinder transducer on arrival to determine the depths and look for ledges, etc to fish to – and there were hoards of fish in front of me it seemed – but seemed none were pike or if they were, they weren’t very hungry… again 😦

Temps: Air: 9C – 10C            Water: 6.2C – 6.3C

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