Session 63 – The End of 2013 – Pikeless!

Sunday 29th December 2013, and I was off on my last trip of 2013 heading out to a club pool (GH)  in search of the still so far still elusive pike of winter 2013. Overnight there had been a hard frost and temps for the day were only forecast to rise to around 3-4 degrees.

Anyway, I arrived at the pool around 0815 to fish in my usual area and set up the lure rod for a bit of pre-session testing of the immediate area. But after 20 minutes or so, I’d not had any luck so I set up my bait rods to fish as intended.

Two rods – one was a half-mackerel on a standard snap tackle fished on the bottom of the 11′ deep water with a float set slightly overdepth as the indication, the other rod was fished with a sprat on a single/double hook arrangement and suspended on a float to drift around the area – over the course of the day the depth of this rod was set at various points between 1/3rd and 2/3rd depth.

I fished until 1430 without a single indication of any pike interest whatsoever before calling it a day and packing up the gear and heading home.

There were quite a few at the pool – far busier than I’d have thought given the overnight temperatures and forecast cold weather for the day. At least one other person was pike fishing and had one jack pike on livebait(?). And three people in view of me were carp/silver fishing on pole and running lines and doing so with some measure of success. Not sure what the other people were fishing for though or their catches.

Oh well…. the New Year is only a couple of days away now so hopefully that will ring some changes in luck for me although my first New Year session may well be on the canal with the quivertip rod in search of perch and chub… although possibly the lure rod may come into use depending on which canal and where I go.

Must also renew my Wolverhampton DAA card over the next few days.
Not bothering with a Birmingham AA card until at least June – and if I get ‘called up’ from the club that I’m on the waiting list of then I won’t be renewing it at all as my needs will all be covered by that, the WDAA card and my current club’s waters.

Pics of the day:




Session 62 – Elusive Pike – AGAIN!!!

Monday 16th December 2013 and I was back at the pike pool (GH) full of hope….
Weather was a bit wet and windy whilst fishing – and blowing in my face.

Floatfished 2 deadbaits from peg 21 from 0930 until 1230 when I had to cut the session short as I needed to deal with a forgotten job back home – pay the balance for our Wetherspoon’s Xmas Day lunch!! 😀 Last day for the payment to be made.

Deadbaits were a sprat on one rod, and a sea bream of around 12oz  on the other.

Anyway, in the few hours I fished I had not one touch again… and usually the wind blows from the opposite direction ie I chose the swim on that basis but the wind direction changed completely… and to top it off the wind and rain stopped as I was walking back to the car and the pool looked like a mill pond!!

I sent out the R/C boat with the fishfinder transducer on arrival to determine the depths and look for ledges, etc to fish to – and there were hoards of fish in front of me it seemed – but seemed none were pike or if they were, they weren’t very hungry… again 😦

Temps: Air: 9C – 10C            Water: 6.2C – 6.3C

Session 59 – What A Letdown!

Well, today I got out for my 59th session of the year eventually – the previous outing having been made on the 4th November, 29 days ago. And the gap between has not helped in the achieving of my goal of 100+ sessions for the year at all… 41 sessions needed… 27 days to go… so looking at having to do 1.5 sessions every day now for the rest of the year to achieve the target! Oh well… another one bites the dust. Still, there’s next year… must do better!! 😀

Anyway, to get on to today’s activities…

A day’s piking on my local club pool….

I arrived at the pool  at around 0720 – still dark, so I set up my lure rod with a Savage Gear Soft 4Play 13cm Orange and Gold body in a UV green scull lip. When I say ‘setup’  what I actually mean is that I clipped the lure/scull lip to the link swivel on the trace of my otherwise fully set up 8′ 6″ lure rod with 30lb braid main line. Dark – so easy to do and get a bit of fishing in before the light increased enough to be able to complete the setup of the 2 deadbait rods. Anyway, I did 30 mins or so with the lure in my chosen swim searching out the various nooks and crannies and bushes around the bank in the area. Not a touch.

0800, I set up the 2 deadbait rods… and over the next 6 hours I presented mackerel/sardine/sprat baits in various presentations (legered, popped-up and floatfished) around the swim area from on the edge of the bankside reeds to long distance, from in a hole I know to exist in the bottom in that swim to the edge of the hole, tweaked, drifted … in fact, I did everything one can think of that can be done with deadbaits – except the things you can be arrested for!! 😀 But again, not a sign of a tweak or any interest…

Finally, I had a wander along the bank with the lure rod for another 30 mins or so – and again nothing was seemingly interested – but then I snagged up solid on a bottom obstacle and ended pulling for a break losing the trace, lure and scull lip in the process. At this point I decided a nice warm shower was quite appealing, it being a cool day, and packed up and headed home.

I blanked but it WAS nice to get out again 🙂
Was hoping to get out again this week but other plans have interceded now and looks like next outing will be next week now unless I can manage a couple of hours somewhere over the coming weekend.


Air:           5.0C (0730) rising to 7.7C (1430)
Water:      5.8C – 5.9C all session

Pics of the day:


2013-12-03 01 2013-12-03 02


2013-12-03 03 2013-12-03 04


2013-12-03 Fluffed Up Pigeon

Cold – even the pigeons are fluffed!!!