Session 56 – Back to the pool….

Tuesday, October 29th 2013 and a visit was again made to the non-carp&pike pool, fishing from 0800 until 1400.

Peg fished was the usual peg 11 by the end of the island – and again the tactics used were 1 rod fished laying-on style, 6lb line and hooks 16 or 14  baited with maggot or worm and 1 rod legered, 6lb line, size 6 hook baited with prawn. Before tackling up, the float swim was baited up with dead maggots – and topped up with same at regular intervals, and the leger swim had a few prawns introduced.

First fish of the day came to the float rod with double maggot on a size 16 hook at about 0915 – a 12oz perch. At around 0940 I switched the hook on this rod to a size 14 baited with worm and this brought an immediate bite but unfortunately after about 15 seconds the hook was shed. And not long after another good fish was hooked but again lost when it gained sanctuary in the lily pads to my left – and not helped by the spool of the reel falling off needing attention to the resultant twists and turns from that event at that time either. I continued having sport on the float rod and had another 3 perch but all of only around 3-4oz in weight. Then at 1300 I had another take from a better fish – and landed a 2lb 3oz tench – which had a badly damaged mouth, I’m sorry to say, with half of it’s lips missing.

The leger rod did not register a single take all day.

Air temperature started on the day at around 11C at 0800, dropped to 7.4C by around 0900 but then increased to 14.1C by 1200. However, with a cool and increasing breeze it felt cooler.

Water temp remained fairly constant at 10.3C with a few ‘blips’ of momentary registered changes…

Min. Air:         7.4C                  Max Air:          14.1C
Min Water:  10.1C                  Max Water:   10.5C                        (But 99.99% of time was 10.3C)

12oz Perch

12oz Perch

Session 55 – In Which Steve Is Pleasantly Surprised!

Ok… so today – Thursday 17th October 2013 – was spent at the ‘tench’ pool after seeing, on my session at another club pool on Tuesday, a lot of carp activity and another angler on the far bank catching well too. Although I blanked there myself – I was actually deadbaiting for pike mostly with a bit of lure fishing thrown in. Anyway, water temps at that pool had seemed good too at a constant 11.9C all through the day.

Anyway, as I say, that determined that I would return to the chosen pool of today… but I almost didn’t go after popping out yesterday for bait and sandwich materials and suffering the heavy and cold rain. But on returning home I checked the BBC Weather web site and it reckoned that the day was to brighten up at 1500 … and that today WAS to be good … so sandwiches and flask made, bait and tackle loaded and away I went this morning. And it did turn out to be a good day – a couple of 1 minute showers were the worst of it … otherwise warm and calm.

So… I arrived at the pool at 0800 to find someone was already there! 🙂 And this solved one query for myself… With all the rain yesterday I thought I may have to park on the hardcore car park at the bottom end of the pool as the grass track up to the far end gets easily waterlogged and often I’ve had trouble getting back with wheel spins, etc. And if I did park on the hardcore car park, I had 2 options available really…. fish peg 1, the nearest peg from the car or to load the tackle on the tackle barrow and push it up to peg 11 my current favourite swim. However, the guy already there was in peg 1, so it removed that from my thoughts … and the ground was actually fine to drive over so drove directly up the poolside and hand carried the tackle the last few yards to the swim.

OK … tackled up … 2 rods … one laying-on with a float, 6lb line, 16 hook, and the other rod a straight leger setup again with 6lb line, 1/4oz bomb 12″ from hook and size 6 hook. Baits used were maggot and worm on the float rod and a large prawn on the leger setup. ‘Predator Plus’ dip was also used on the baits.

I started fishing and whilst awaiting the first bite of the day I thought over the situation – the heavy cold rain of the previous day would have cooled the water quite a bit I imagined (measured temp actually 10C) … and then thought that perhaps I’d not chosen the best end of the pool to fish as the pool is stream fed at that end, the water exiting at the other end. Thus, the water at my end would most likely be the colder… So I immediately discounted any great chance of catching tench but thought I may get some decent perch, bream or barbel and carried on in a positive frame of mind…

First fish landed was a small perch of a couple of ounces, and I was getting quite a few lift bites and nudges… and next fish I hooked into was a quite hefty fish and I was thinking large perch or barbel until I netted a 2lb 15oz golden tench – a new PB beating my previous best 2lb 11oz, also from the same pool back in June 2013 🙂 …. and then a little later I had a 1lb 15oz tench … and then another tench of 3lb 10oz – which equalled my PB caught from Trench Pool, Telford in the 1979/80 season … so well chuffed! One new PB and one PB equalled 🙂 And ended the day with another capture of a small perch. And when I packed up at 1530 I was still getting a bite a cast almost….

All fish came to the float rod, but I did have a few tweaks on the leger rod and the prawn whittled down early on and a bit later a few short 12″ tugs in quick succession but nothing came of it.

Water temps: 9.9C rising to 10.3C over the day
Air temp: 11.8C at 0800, 15.8C at 1530

Air Min:  11.5C                    Air Max: 23.5C
Water Min:   9.9C               Water Max: 10.3C

Pics of the day:

3lb 10oz Tench Equal PB

3lb 10oz Tench
Equal PB

2lb 15oz Golden Tench New PB

2lb 15oz Golden Tench
New PB


Swim Centre

Swim Centre

Swim to right

Swim to right

Swim to left

Swim to left

New Angling Programme Due to Start On Radio……

A new local (West Midlands) radio broadcast that is fishing based – and is also to be presented by a notable local angler, Stewart Bloor aka ‘The Angling Rev’ – is to start up shortly….

The radio station is ‘Bridge’ and is based in Stourbridge, but like a lot of stations it goes out on the internet as well as standard radio and so should be available nationally and internationally!! :).
Broadcasts will be made at 6:00am on Sundays – but obviously there are various ‘auto-record’ applications available on the internet that will allow you to record and play the broadcasts at a time to suit you if the original is not suitable.

Fuller details will be available shortly and the best place to look will be on Stewart’s own Facebook angling page at
Just ‘Like’ to get information – and also to get Stewart’s weekly blogs and links to his monthly videos too.
Very well worth looking at and reading!!

The Facebook page runs in conjunction with my Angling Journal website, updated every Saturday since July 2003


Session 54 – In Search Of Esox Lucius…

Tuesday, 15th October 2013, and I ventured to one of the club pools accompanied by my two pike rods and  my lure rod.

Arrived on the pool at 0715 – a bit early really as I’d taken Liz in to work on the way, normally I’d have come out a little later.

I spent the first 30-40 minutes with the lure rod fishing a gold 13cm Savage Gear Soft 4Play lure in a medium sized red lip-scull but with no action or follows evident. I then changed over to the 2 pike rods and fished legered half mackerel on one rod and popped-up full sardine on the other – and again action was denoted by the very lack of… a few adrenaline moments when, presumably, passing carp nudged the line and knocked the alarms into life but other than that, nothing. Then at 1345 I packed the pike rods and main tackle away and had another session on the lure rod but changing the lure to a another Savage Gear Soft 4Play lue in the red lip scull – this time a Fungus Roach pattern. Finally, after another 30-45 mins with the lure I admitted defeat and decided to head back home via Sainsbury’s in order to pick Liz up who was finishing at 1530. Then home to a great coffee and a soak in the bath.

There were a few other angler’s arrived during the day but I could only really see one from my position – but he seemed to be doing the business with the carp, I think… regularly landing fish throughout the day. And that has decided for me my next angling expedition’s destination – back to the ‘everything but carp and pike pool’ (aka the tench pool) on Thursday when the weather is forecast fine again.

Temps today weren’t too bad…
Air on arrival was 11.2, dipped to 9.1 around 0900, but rose again steadily after that for the rest of the day ending at 15.2…
Water temp was constant all day at 11.9.

Min Air: 9.1               Max Air: 15.5
Min Water: 11.9       Max Water: 11.9

Session 51, 52 and 53 – Lakeside Holiday Park, Burnham on Sea, Somerset

We were on holiday last week – on a holiday park with a lake – as can be discerned from its name obviously!

Fishing the lake was free and available to residents only – and listed species included tench, bream, perch, pike, carp, etc all up to reasonable size.


On the day of arrival we (Liz and I) arrived early, booked in and showed our EA licences to the people at reception as required and ventured on to the lake to do a spot of lure fishing whilst we waited for the time to collect the caravan keys. We fished for a good hour or so, Liz with a 9.5cm Savage Lure ‘Fungus Roach’ Soft 4Play lure, and myself with various 13cm versions of the same (Perch, Goldfish and Dirty Roach), and fished most of the available bank. Neither of us had a touch or follow.


A couple of days later I had a 0800-1030 session on deadbaits – one rod legered half-mackerel and another rod with a popped-up full sardine. I had a few indications on both baits – but were either quickly aborted takes or possibly line bites as about 1′-2′ of line was taken each time before the bobbins dropped back.


This was a full day session on the standard ‘coarse’ gear. Swims were baited up with breadcrumb and maggots. Both Liz and I had 2 rods out on the pods and alarms. Liz with swimfeeder and used maggot, meat and boilie baits without a single bite. Myself, I straight legered with bread, worm and prawn baits. I had about 4-5 bites in total on all baits and captured a perch of around 6oz on worm literally in the last few seconds before we were due to pack up.

Next session likely to be next week (or possibly this weekend), piking on one of the club pools.